Liquid Drum & Bass + SOTA 28th Feb 18:00 UTC = Winning!

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Science Comes In Handy

I was always decent at equations and have to say that the headline is one of the better ones I've made myself! You have an epic music genre - Liquid Drum & Bass - then you have an awesome show - SOTA - mix them together... well, there's only one answer - "Winning"! But what are all these variables in the equation? Let's decipher them!


Oh yes, the legends of @spotlight.artist are having me back on their show (Spotlight On The Artist - SOTA) along with a couple other EMAliens from the always inspiring Electronic Music Alliance this Friday 28th February at 18:00-20:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). But a little recap of what Spotlight On The Artist is before we continue with the thrilling excitement of what's to come!

SOTA is an online radio show hosted by the bubbly personalities of @d-vine and @onemedia where musicians from all walks of life come together to show their latest tunes. It's broadcast on @msp-waves, with the streaming link available on their website here, which is housed by the Steem platform. It has to be said that D-vine and onemedia's trusty sidekicks "Lefty" and "Knuckles" have their ways of "persuading" their guests on to the show (I'm still waiting for my toes to come back from last time round)!

Liquid Drum & Bass?

Life at 174BPM is like paradise... just a little bit faster haha! The text book sounds of chilled atmospheric vibes with a fast drum pattern tossed over the top of it and a beautiful soothing bassline to wash away any negative vibes. If you're like me, adding to it some elements of trance to bring that euphoric feeling in to the music and it's a recipe for awesomeness ("real music" as @simplymike would say 😜 ).

"Dreamer" Artwork thanks to @gabrielatravels

I've been rattling through my Travel Diaries EP the past few weeks and we reached the half way mark last time I was on the show, with this week's episode showcasing "Dreamer" which is probably the most energetic track of the lot with a nod to Livin' Joy's 90s club classic called by the same name. It really is for the dreamers, you'll just have to tune in on Friday to find out but if you've been following me on Steem, you'll have heard a few sneak previews of this one over the last month as the track has progressed - guess that means you're just going to have to follow me on there!


Oh yes! This is just a fun name we have given all us members of the Electronic Music Alliance (thanks to @skaarl for coining this one) and we have a couple of them joining the show as well. In fact I was on one of the EMAlien's show on Mad Wasp Radio last night - Letters From Mouse - talking a bit about EMA and hopefully the link to that show will be up in the next day or so. Skaarl will also be joining in, another one SOTA can't seem to get rid of with me haha! We can't wait to get involved!


What more can I say, just tune in - Friday 28th February 2020, 18:00-20:00 UTC on MSP Waves - you are going to love it! WINNING!

See you then


P.S. if you wanted to hear the tracks on the EP so far, have a little listen below 😉

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Lefty, Knuckles, @D-Vine and myself are all very excited and pleased you decided (under your own free will, of course) to join us this week!

The pleasure will all be theirs... Yours... Ours... I mean mine! Yes, the pleasure will be mine 😁

Excellent! Judging by your reaction, Lefty and Knuckles will have something about which to take pride in their work!

They are good at what they do and taking something is certainly a speciality!

...ah, just like the classic ballad:

Your life a wreck they're making,
You know you're theirs, just for the taking.
When they tell you they mean it,
You give to them your Body and Soul

Looking forward to having you on the show tomorrow! ;-)

I don't have a choice 😁

Dunno if I can claim EMAliens as my doing, although it kind of came from some conversation Miss Efemby and myself were having one time 😁

Ah I thought it was you all this time! Well between you both it's taken the community by storm!

Sheesh! talk about full steem ahead! Glad it's all happening for you.

Yea the steem engine is well and truly chugging away here! Thank goodness for the whiteboard that is helping me keep on top of things!

The cover art is dreamed! I love it.

174BPM is relly fast, dear friend.

Thanks for the track bro.

Thank you Juan! Yes Gabriela did an awesome job with the artwork - true professional quality.

Haha, yea it's fast but life goes by fast here so it seems an appropriate speed for me 😁

I prefer longer bars. More tempo
Maybe about 75-85 bpm, from a reggae, chill out or a drum & bass.

But as you and I know, everything depends on the beating of our hearts. Synchrony bro, Synchrony.

I send you a warm hug!

Yea seems our hearts beat in "phase" haha! A lot of cross-over between those genres you mentioned and reggae, chill blends well with dnb!

Hope everything is well with you Juan!

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