Latest Drum & Bass Release Gives Nod To 90s Club Classic

in OCD7 months ago

things got a bit "Drum & Bassy"...

I'd say! LOL :D Killer track, thanks for sharing, much appreciated.

Hahaha! I just can't help it, my heart beats at 174BPM 🤣

Thanks for the great feedback man! Glad you all enjoyed it on the show last night. Enjoyed your uplifting trance sounds as well!

Banging loved this tune back in the day bouncing around the clubs full of beans. You've done it justice 💯🐒

Yes mate!! Glad you enjoyed it and gets a fellow dnb head seal of approval! I wish I was old enough to be at the clubs when this was hitting the speakers, would have gone nuts on the dance floor haha! Thanks for checking it out 💪

Haha making my feel old. Was cracking though have to say 💯🐒

Haha sorry man, them were the days though hey! I got a dnb mix on Wednesday as well coming up that I'll share with everyone once it's aired. 1 hour of liquid 😁

Haha don't apologies. Looking forward to it 💯🐒

The last picture looks like it's break from a documentary movie!

Haha, it really was a surreal moment and epic combination of weather, landscape and being in the right place at the right time!

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