My son’s new DIY haircut

in OCD10 months ago

During these quarantine times, we are developing our DIY skills, especially my wife.

In addition to all the new dishes she's learning, she also doing our hair.


First up is my son. You get to be your mum's guinea pig. :)

She did a pretty good job in the end don't you think?



Yes, your wife did a great job. Your son is cute!!!

I think everyone had been their mother's guinea pig. 🤣

Thank you. Haha, yeah I’m sure I’ve been my mother’s guinea pig on many occasions too. :)

Lol we get them done ourselves too most of the time. We even got the nice hair cutting set. Sometimes if we go to Ryde, we can get them done for $20 which is ok for a proper style cut

O nice. $20 is pretty cheap for a decent haircut. Seems like Sydney has much cheaper options. Over here, it’s usually $30 for a decent haircut, and prices keep going up. Hopefully my wife can do my hair next.

Yes , excellent job. My wife did mine 3 days ago ,and it was one of the best haircuts I've ever gotten :)

Nice. You can get your wife to do your hair from now on.

Wow! Super nice haircut for a cute little boy :) Thank you for using the #build-it tag Mr @nextgen622.

Thank you. :)