Home schooling adventures on a beautiful Melbourne Autumn day

in OCD10 months ago

My favorite activity these days is taking the kids out for our daily walk. It's one of the things they look forward to the most each day as well. Since the weather has been extremely nice recently, its been such a joy just to be outside.

Whilst the kids are running around and trying to catch butterflies, my wife and I try to get some exercise too, and get some vitamin D from the sun.

Today, the weather was again perfect, just enough wind plus a nice warm Autumn sun. Being outside again reminded me how much I enjoy the beautiful Melbourne Autumn scenery. Here are some photos we took on our adventure outside today.



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Beautiful scenery, @nextgen622. Melbourne is just always lush with greenery all year round. Your kids look cute, by the way, even just looking at their back. :-)

Thank you. Yes, Melbourne is a beautiful place to live in. :)

Awesome photography and beautiful picture of the lovely Autmn. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you. :)