How brown fat is very good for human health?

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Scientists at Rockefeller University Hospital in the United States found that brown fat is really good for human health. This is according to a study of more than 50,000 people.

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According to the report, published online in the latest issue of the research journal 'Nature Medicine', brown fats have been shown to be beneficial in animals, but there is no clear research in humans. This study was done keeping in view the same need which has definitely proved the benefits of brown fat for human beings.

It should be noted that brown fat is found in abundance in mammals as well as newborns who sleep long hours during the winter months, i.e. they go into hibernation. In newborns, it is excessively available and it is used to keep them warm.

Unlike normal fat (white fat), brown fat cells have a significantly higher number of iron-rich mitochondria that generate heat using dietary energy, especially in cold weather; and thus cause the body to resist cooling.

Due to the large number of iron-rich mitochondria, this fat turns brown in color. In 2009, scientists first discovered brown fat in adults, which is usually found around the neck and shoulders. In this regard, research on rats has shown that brown fat not only improves metabolism but also helps in weight loss.

"We know that brown fat is really good for human health, but how can we increase the amount of brown fat in the body?" We don't have a clear answer yet, "said Professor Paul Cohen, a scientist at the Laboratory of Molecular Metabolism at Rockefeller University in New York and lead author of the research report.

He also said that the presence of excessive amount of brown fat in the body, although it does not prevent any disease, but it is very helpful in controlling its harmful effects.

In addition, the study was performed on 52,487 people who underwent a PET / CT scan to diagnose cancer. Cohen says he will need an even more comprehensive and general study to better understand the link between brown fat and health.

Because brown fat can burn more energy, researchers hope it could be used to treat obesity and diabetes. Obesity, which is a condition of being overweight, can lead to other major health problems. Diabetes is a common name given to a variety of diseases, all of which are related to the body's ability to manage energy.

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