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RE: First month on the blockchain - A social media junkie’s hive journey

in OCDlast year

Belated welcome to the platform! Glad to see you found it in the end. It can be somewhat challenging to get to grips with it. Well, I still am. Now with all the tribes etc it can be daunting but rewarding if you can wrap your head around it.

There are lots of really great and supportive communities too, just keep your eyes open. You've already found @theterminal, until recently I didn't even know they existed! But they have been good to me and I highly recommend them.

Best of luck in your hive journey!


Thank you! I was fortunate enough, I've found them the very first day I've joined. 😊

I don't often post on the 'tribes' but they are there for good reason. Hope to see all of it thrive.