My 2020: A Normal Day sharing of Global Climate Strike and Cycling Riding organizing by Inspiration For Human Welfare (IHW)

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Now I discuss about my Favorite organization Inspiration For Human Welfare (IHW) and Now show up it's one program on Global Climate Strike and Cycling Riding ..

This organization maintain from my University Elder bother and now this organization very much crucial part to conduct all of place.

This program was running 2 days and one day we were riding 15 k.m. and reached the Tungipara , gopalgonj Bangladesh and that place cleaned and also cleaned one pond fully.


And also cleaned on road and this program to complete 40 member or above and organizing to finish clearly..just this is my new experience and also happy to join this program..

Next day we are visiting 5 school and college and they got to inspire and teach that how to maintain our climate and how to learn inspire to clean society or country..


Some program prospect were:

#climate inspiration for climate welfare
#Cleanning work sub-district
#visiting 5 school and college and insure this inspiration
#road clean and pond clean
#Future planing
#Maintain climate pollution


Those programs activities show of my blog and etc activities not to focus in my steemit timeline and I am proud of my organization and really their work sector respectfully and proudly.
I appreciate this work.


I will involve this platform of IHW and I will pray for our organization if we will good work for country ..

Thanks for sharing this post and also vote my post and thanks for resteem my post..


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