All I can see is yellow

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What is the medical term for Yellow Tape Phobia?
Wie lautet der medizinische Fachbegriff für Yellow Tape Phobie?


Am I at a crime scene unaware of what's going on? Everywhere I go and stand, I see yellow tape.
Bin ich unwissend an einem Tatort oder was ist hier los? Überall wo ich gehe und stehe sehe ich gelbes Absperrband.



No, the barrier tape is used to prevent access to certain areas, because a virus could be sitting there and in addition, various construction work is being carried out.
Nein, das Absperrband dient dazu, gewisse Bereiche nicht zu betreten, weil da könnte ja ein Virus sitzen und außerdem werden verschiedene Bauarbeiten durchgeführt.


Still, for my taste there is a bit too much yellow tape around me. I have to be careful not to get a phobia.
Trotzdem, für meinen Geschmack ist da ein bisschen zu viel yellow Tape um mich herum. Ich muss aufpassen, dass ich nicht eine Phobie bekomme.



So, is it just me? Or, is all this too much? "Social distancing" seems to have become "life distancing".
Liegt es nur an mir? Oder ist das alles zu viel? Der soziale Abstand wird zum " Abstand auf's Leben".


"We cannot direct the wind. But we can adjust the sails."
(Wir können den Wind nicht ändern, aber wir können die Segel richtig setzen.) Aristotle

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There is a lot of yellow tape at the store and I hate it. They put wood on the windows too. I hope people wake up soon.

I certainly hope so. There's no reason to put yellow tape between loungers.
In a supermarket, I can't understand that either. You have to keep your distance everywhere, but in the vegetable department I can touch the fruit and also put it back if I change my mind. That's where the virus takes a break? There are a few decisions and measures that I cannot understand.

I think for my next post I will take some of the yellow tape and make some art with it. Right now it is just making a mess where I live.