Quarantine life

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It's cold outside, what a shitty weather, you can't even go outside and photograph something because it's windy. We have just a few days before total lockdown and weather is not on our side, it's started to be boring indoors and this thing just started, who know how it will be in a week or so. :D

Only thing that I can do is to share photos that I took long time ago. It's time to bring some colors to our lives, some happiness instead of fear. It's hard period in our lives that we need to overcome by sticking to the plan, don't go outside if you don't need to, stay at home and be healthy!






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These photos are absolutely gorgeous, you have a good eye for the camera. The first photo is my favourite. Great job!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed looking at them. Thank you very much @erikah ! :)

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