Photography session

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Few days ago my sister spotted blooming flowers about 200m from our backyard and wanted me to photograph her. It was such a pretty day today, still is, literally I'm watching sunset while writing this post. :D This is a true look of Spring, that's not officially here but you know what I mean. It was pretty sunny so I had to find some shade or photograph with Sun hitting her back, to create backlight and in post processing to recover some shadows from her face. I think results are pretty good, I just color corrected a little bit and didn't do face retouch.

Also, this will be the first day when it's forbidden going outside after 8pm until 5am. :D

I hope you liked my blog, see ya tomorrow! :)









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Great photos. It's tarting to look like spring in here as well, although I saw it's going to snow one day next week.

Weather is crazy, today and few days next will be around 20 degrees, next week forecast said it will be snowing. I don't know where are you from but we share same weather, variations are crazy.

I'm from Romania, actually at a few km from Serbia(Kladovo), and it's basically the same forecast.

These are so colorful and full of life!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked them! :)

Great photos..!! @miroslavrc

Thank you, I'm glad you liked them. :)