Is there anyone who likes snow more than me? :D

in hive-174578 •  4 months ago 

If you remember some of my posts long ago I made title something like this "Is there anyone who likes snow more than me", there were few people who said they love snow, just a few. No matter when it falls I will be always happy about it, even if it's Spring like now. Last night I took some photos of me, with help of my sister, I made setting for it and she just took a photo. I used few things for this, my camera, lens, external flash, flash trigger, led light and tripod. I think that every photographer has this in their equipment so they can easily recreate this.

Too bad I forgot about batteries for flash and trigger because cold weather and wind drained them pretty fast and I didn't had any replacement batteries. :D

Enjoy in these photos. :)



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Yes! ;)

Snow is lovely till the time it is falling... ❤️when it stops falling and the wind starts blowing then it becomes chilling killing 🥶😂

That's true, I hate that moment after snow stops falling and starts melting. >D

good shot! the last one is great. what was the lense?

Thanks, I was using Canon 50mm 1.8. :)