Hacking drone signal

in hive-148441 •  4 months ago 

Hello people! So, yesterday I was flying my drone. I was trying something with reach, I made to fly with drone about 1,1km which is great even tho house pollution and trees were fighting with my signal. There is one hack for that, to get better signal, tin foil! I placed my tin foil to receive signal from one direction and it was pretty effective. I know when I was flying around my village, in just few hundred meter I lose my signal, with this I got much better reach.

In few days I will try to make comparison between tin foil and nothing and see how much meter will I fly. I will probably make video about that with my settings and how everything looks. I think I will make about 2km without loosing signal, there will be interference with signal but it won't be lost.

Anyways, today is pretty great day, even tho we are in quarantine until Monday. Stay healthy and see y'all tomorrow! :)

Here are photos that I took yesterday. :)





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This is why I want a drone now! :p

It's a great toy for playing around. :D

just fly to the wind so you can get it back :D

It will go even faster, maybe he will break sound barrier. :D

Good tip for hacking 😄 What drone do you use? I think now is the best time for flying a drone!😎