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Hello my dear friends,

Happy Sunday from Bangladesh.
Today is Sunday, 20 September 2020.
I woke up at 6:30 this morning.After waking up, I met a friend at seven in the morning.My friend will go for a trip at eight in the morning.The friend wanted to take me with him.Then I agreed to go with friend.My friend rented a CNG car.Like me my friend also likes to travel in CNG car.
Then my friend and I got in the CNG car at eight in the morning.Then the CNG car started its journey.We started our journey west from Tangail city.After that, we reached the border of a village about 20 kilometers west.The name of the village is Baruha(বরুহা).Then we went to that Baruha village road and stopped the CNG.
Because we were fascinated by the green beauty of that village.Then we wanted to spend some time there.Then we down the road from CNG car.The street there were very beautiful.The road looked very clear.On either side of the road was the bright green nature of the village.It is as if nature is spreading green color all around.
I was really impressed by the scenery there.Everywhere I looked in Baruha village, I saw only green nature.Then I started walking down the street.Then I started to enjoy the beauty there.I enjoyed the beauty of green nature on foot walk.The atmosphere there was very beautiful.There I can hear all the beautiful sounds of birds.There was cool air of nature.



Sometimes one or two cars are going on the road.Many are moving along the road for work purposes.The simple people of the village are walking along the road.I really enjoyed watching some of the scenes.I was taking pictures of those beautiful scenes.In the picture you can see some scenes.In the picture you can see the simple people of the village.
There are many trees on both sides of the road.There are many old trees there.The scenes were really amazing.




Besides, there are large agricultural lands of the village on both sides of the road.There are many crops in the agricultural lands.I was enjoying the beauty of the agricultural land there.Village farmers are working on agricultural land.Seeing so many beautiful views of the village and nature really touched my heart.


We were there for about an hour.One hour we were lost in the green nature of Baruha village.All in all I spent some beautiful moment in the middle of nature.I took some pictures while spending time in that nature of Baruha village.In the pictures you can see the beautiful green nature and natural beauty of the village.

The village is unfamiliar to me.But the nature of that village is very familiar to me.My friend and I are really fascinated by the natural and green beauty of the Baruha village.Today Sunday it was a great trip for us.So I shared these moments of today's trip with you.
Everyone will be fine.I end here wishing you good health.And I will tell you, go to outside nature and enjoy life.Because in the beauty of nature, you will be able to breathe deeply for some time without worries.

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