As Part Of My STEEM Community Engagement || My Officially New Onboarded Steemian @shubbysplendor

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Hello Everyone ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’ž,

As the year is running so fast than you can ever hold and also as part of my commitment to the STEEM community at 100%. I made it a job to convert more people into the Steem Community and also to improve my own Communication Engagement and skills as well.

How I Met @shubbysplendor

I went to the higher institution in the Northern Part of Nigeria and it's also the in the North I began my own little farm lifestyle which prompted me to enough engagement on the farm and also rearing of dogs, rabbit and broiler birds. We went to the same University ( Futminna). I was in the animal Production department while he was in the Agricultural Economic department. We later got hooked up here in Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria again. Then I introduced him to the blockchain for more than three hours and I got him signed up for an account. I'm so happy this great opportunity for me and him come through.



So guys. Let officially welcome @shubbysplendor into our community for good. He has so Many things to offer us together and I hope we are going to stay and support him as well.


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