Fluffy kitteh post

in OCDlast year

The kitteh is getting more used to the life around here. Recently it mastered walking down the stairs so a whole new area has been unlocked.


It seems to enjoy crawling inbetween folded blankets as opposed to sitting on top. :o)


When encountering new things it seems to have three modes: I want to play with it, i want to destroy it, i am confused by it. Bananas fall into the latter group:


Up until last week it was active most of the day. But from this week it has a proper nap schedule. A morning nap from 10-12 and then an afternoon nap from 15-18.


Will get back to technical posts when she stops being so cute around me:P


Cats are the best! I think I've only done a handful of posts about my cats over the last three years...But I could post daily about them. That one of yours upside down in this post...So cute.

Thankies. There is a hive community for all your cute cat pics: hivecats ^-^

Ah ok, I wasn't aware of that. I'll check it out.

You cannot get cuter than that :)