New digital portrait painting with some colorful cloths

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Hello everybody, i am here to share my new digital portrait painting of today. This one was a really fun one to do. The contrast between the skin color and the cloths makes it look so much better.
In most cases when i start to shade my painting i start by blocking in big shapes, but in this one i did that a bit differently.
I used very little variations of color in small places because doing so makes the portrait looks more painterly. But at the end i sort of blended everything together to make the skin more smooth. May be i shouldn't have done that. But smooth skin is more of my style.

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 2382.png
Screenshot 2383.png
Screenshot 2384.png

Screenshot 2385.png

Screenshot 2386.png
Screenshot 2387.png
Screenshot 2388.png

Screenshot 2389.png

Added a little bit very strong highlight at the end.

Used Reference Image for this drawing

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Nice work!discovery 10

thank you

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