Digital Portrait with scattered Dark

in hive-148441 •  2 months ago 


I didn't paint anything for the last few days so i decided to do a quick digital portrait painting.
At the beginning i had in mind to paint a whole portrait but then i decided to paint only part of it and it was really fun to do. For a while i have been a bit frustrated with painting portraits and i am trying to overcome that. I am going into different things all at once and it kind of isn't working. And making me more frustrated.
I am just going to try and have fun with painting rather than putting so much pressure on my self.


Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 1782.png

Screenshot 1783.png

Screenshot 1784.png

Screenshot 1785.png
Screenshot 1786.png
Screenshot 1787.png

Screenshot 1788.png
Screenshot 1789.png


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