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in OCD • 3 months ago

sorry maybe I skipped that part , how are delegator rewarded. Just being a curious cat lol

 3 months ago (edited)

Once per day they get a share of the curation rewards in liquid hive that ocdb earns which is proportional to your delegation minus a fee.

Okay thanks for the hrs clarification. I’ll see if I can start with a 100hp soon....

Sure, but if you don't have a lot of stake we recommend it's better to use it to connect with more people by voting their content and engaging with them. This is more meant for stakeholders or content creators who are a bit more passive with their stake or if people just want part of their stake to be used for everything we're covering. :)

Thanks for the great info.

I wasn’t planning on delegating at the moment tho, I guess I’ll add it to my future hive plans, maybe when I turn whale.

I’ll be in the buidl phase now. We can be part of ocd later in the future.