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A few weeks ago I started to create my Hive Forest out of sheer boredom. Once I started, it turned out to be a very soothing process and now I have 47 trees in my Hive Forest. My earlier ones were more of a tree look, then I went a bit wild and started to create whatever objects my scissors would take me. Every one of them are free cut and therefore unique.



I mentioned in my last post I wanted to use my Hive Forest to do some good cause and after a lot of consideration, this is my what I've decided to do.


I am inviting everyone to adopt a tree from my Hive Forest. Each tree will cost 3 Hive donation and you can adopt whichever tree you like. You are welcome to adopt multiple trees. As I mentioned, each tree is unique, and I have numbered and named them. The names don't mean anything, I just wanted to give my Hive Forest trees an identity. Sometimes it's the food in the box, sometimes it's what I think the tree looks like, and often it's the first word that comes to mind. If you adopt a tree, you are welcome to rename it, in fact, I would urge you to rename it as the tree is yours.

Where will the donation go?

90% of the donation will be donated to @nickyhavey. Ok, not him personally, but to his 2020km Challenge to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Most of us relate dementia with memory loss, but there are other symptoms that we may not be aware of. One year I went back to my mum's for Christmas. She got very annoyed when I went out one evening and started to tell me off (I was a lot lot older than 16 then!). I remember being very cross with her unreasonable behaviour but went out all the same. Looking back, that was probably the start of her dementia, yet I had not clue at all. Gradually, her memory got worse. She forgot she had dinner, cooked another meal and ate that. She refused to get out of bed in the mornings. One day, she told me her brother told her not to go and play outside as it was very dangerous. Not long after that, I witness her slipping away from me forever.

In addition to the 90% donation, I will donate the liquid payout of this post to the 2020km Challenge. Hopefully, you will support me to support @nickyhavey to support the Alzheimer’s Society.

The other 10%

To say we're currently going through a worldwide crisis is probably an understatement. No one is exempt that's why I think we all deserve a little pick me up and something to look forward to. I have set aside 10% of the donation pool for a raffle draw. Each Hive Forest tree adopter will get one chance to enter the raffle to win the entire 10% donation pool. If you adopted two trees you will get two chances etc. There are 47 trees in my Hive Forest and if they're all adopted, there will be 141 Hive. 127 Hive will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.

The remaining 14.1 Hive will be won by one lucky Hive Forest tree adopter. Or maybe if you are in a giving mood, you can gift your potential win to another Hivean!!!


  1. You can adopt any of the 47 trees as long as they're still available. Just check the Google file below. Or you can drop me a comment and I'll let you know if it's been adopted. Don't forget you can adopt more than one tree!

  2. Transfer 3 Hive donation for each tree you want to adopt. The transferee is myself @livinguktaiwan. If you're on Peakd, you can also use the Tip function.

  3. In your transfer memo state the tree number(s) and name(s). If you would like to rename the tree or gift your raffle win, let me know. You can also do that later on if you want

  4. Once I have confirmed receipt of your donation, I will send you an adoption certificate for your tree

  5. The adoption period will be open until 31st May the latest, or earlier if all the trees are adopted. Hopefully, it will be the latter. Actually if this is really successful, like all the tress are adopted really quick, I may grow my Hive Forest a little, to a maximum of 60, to increase the donations. I'll see. Then I will do a raffle draw to announce the winner after the adoption period closes.

Last and not the least, those who don't know me may want to ask


All I can say, it's an awful lot of work to scam 141 Hive, especially since I might not get the full amount. I haven't started to power down my account, so it's probably not a good idea to hang around Hive after I've scammed 141 Hive off people. If you still have any concerns, do feel free to ask, I won't be offended 😀

Now we got that out of the way, let me introduce you to my beautiful Hive Forest..... I hope you will adopt one or more of my unique Hive Trees.

Edit on 8th May Thanks to the awesome support, two thirds of my Hive Forest have been adopted within a day of release, I might start to regrow my forest again....

Edit 10th May Please see my latest post for more new Trees
Group 1.jpg

Group 2.jpg

Group 3.jpg

Group 4.jpg

Group 5.jpg

Group 6.jpg

So what did you think? Have you've chosen your Hive Forest tree yet? On behalf of @nickyhavey on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society, I'd like to say thanks in advance for your support, and I look forward to your generous donation to the Alzheimer’s Society.


Wow, thank you for this Pauline and hearing what happened to your mum made me well up a little bit as well. It's a truly horrible disease that currently has no cure and funding is needed to research it.

You've given me a big motivation to keep running and hiking for this challenge! Great idea for the raffle as well and love all the designs and names for the trees! Mr Kipling made me laugh 😄

If anyone wants to sponsor the challenge directly, you can go to the JustGiving Page but the Hive raffle sounds like great fun!

You can tell I don't have a healthy diet

Can I tempt you to adopt Mr Kipling? 😊

Haha, you have curly broccoli in there though - guess that cancels it out!

If Mr Kipling is still available at the end of the month I'll adopt him 😃

Just want to let you know @cadawg has adopted Mr Kipling for you

I just saw the sponsorship on justgiving too. Wow, thanks a lot @cadawg! I'm going to supercharge some runs this weekend now - you guys and girls are the best! 😊

No problem, glad I found out about this! Take good care of Mr Kipling 😂

Haha he's in capable hands for sure! Or should that be exceedingly good hands? 😁

Good one! 😂

Ha ha

Hi, this is a great cause and i'm very happy to get involved, iv'e sent hive and chose cactus tree but will take any. Only chatted to @nickyhavey a couple of times but seems like a great guy and doing great things, hats off to him and you.

Thank you for your support @biggypauls, I have registered your adoption in my not decentralised public ledger 😉

I'm glad to be able to put my Hive Forest to good use and have so many people support it

Thanks a lot for the kind words and sponsorship @biggypauls! Appreciate all the support and motivation 😊

No stress fella, you are doing a great thing there and should be applauded. Keep safe dude.

I'm sending you 15 Hive, just pick any random trees to turn into @c0ff33a trees ☕️

Thank you for your donation @c0ff33a. I've randomly selected 5 trees for you, they are

14 - Vase
21 - Gulp Gulp
25 - Nibble Trunk
40 - Pentagon
45 - Now or Never

Good luck!

Thanks a lot man! Appreciate the donation and support 😊

This is a wonderful initiative, good luck! 🤗

Thank you @erikah, hopefully you will be interested to adopt a tree as well 😊

Here's my posh link, hope all the Hivers seeing this from Twitter and Hive can support this

Thank you to @jrvacation for being the first adopter!! And the Tips function is a great idea!

Sent mine thru tip! I won't change that name for it will be a reminder of this turbulent times.

Thank you for your support Kim, a bumpy road it sure is now, let's hope we get over that soon

Thanks a lot for the support here 😃

No worries man. That's just a very small amount to help.

Sent you 3 HBD, however many trees that gets me. You choose.

Thank you Josh for your kind support!! That's roughly 8 trees at today's rate, I have randomly selected the following for you

1 Paradise
5 Miranda
9 Popeyo
20 Sawtree
30 Palm Tree
33 Dot Dot Dot
36 Bigsaw
43 Champagne

No. 5 is a dedication to a 1.85m tall clumsy English comedian called Miranda Hart. If you haven't heard of her before, here's one of her funny clips😂

Thanks a lot for the donation Josh!!

I'm in! Now.. which tree to pick??

Thanks for your generous donation!!! The additional 11 Hive will go 100% to the Alzheimers Society. Thanks!!

You are welcome. Such a lovely idea, and do hope you have a lovely pyre at the end xx

Thanks a lot @riverflows 😃

I am in and I picked now or never tree.

Thanks a lot for the donation!

Hey Mac, I'm sorry Now or Never has been adopted already, would you like to choose another tree? My not decentralised public ledger is updated all the time

Thank you for your support!

I'd pick maltesers :)

Considered it done. Thank you fir your donation!

Thank you for doing this! I have tried before to donate and I don't know if it's because the money I am sending is CAD, I would do the transaction, it would be accepted and then later on I would get an email refusing the donation. So this way absolutely works! I sent a donation and adopted No. 35. When I get more Hive in my Wallet, I will be sure to donate more!

Thank you so much for your donation @foxyspirit. Pointy star is a nice one!

I always find overseas transactions a bit complicated not to mention you often get charge quite hefty fees. One reason I'm donating through Nicky's challenge is so I can push the hard work onto him 😁

Crack the whip on him! :P

You're welcome ^_^ I'm happy to do it.

Thanks a lot for the donation meuf 😊 I know you had some trouble before with the justgiving page so hopefully this will be an easier way


I just powered up my Hive, so sent an HBD instead. Hopefully that will cover it. Pick me something wonky out. 😊

Thank you for the donation!

A pleasure. It's a heart wrenching thing to see in someone. Our friend's mother has dementia and it came on so fast.

I'm so sorry to hear that about your friend's mother, it really is a heart wrenching condition 🙁

Each story is tough to read - it's all the more motivation to continue with the challenge this year and push through to raise as much as possible for Alzheimer's Society

Shall we say two trees? The remaining will go 100% towards the charity. How about 16 Elephant Ears and 27 Dagger?

Sounds perfect! 😁

Just a few more left after this😎


Thanks Ace!!!! Firewing is a powerful tree, very fitting for you!

There are only ten left, I'll have to start growing some more 😁

You're welcome.
Made me curious enough to do this.


Your Tuesday Tree posts?

I think many from those posts.

Thanks so much for the donations!

You're welcome.

I sent an HBD. Would you pick mine? 😊