Free Speech - I know

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What do I know about free speech? Let's see...

I know it's a basic human right, why shouldn't we be allowed to freely express our opinion if it does not defame anyone

I know everyone in this world, including those who live under the most draconian regime have Freedom of Speech. The only difference being they only have this freedom once. After they exercise that freedom, they lose their freedom, and possibly their life.

Look no further than Dr Li Wenliang, from China. In December 2019 he warned others about the possible outbreak of a SARs like virus. He was arrested by the CCP for spreading false rumours and warned not to continuing spreading the rumours. Dr Li died of the Wuhan virus at the beginning of February and now the whole world is suffering because there is no Freedom of Speech in China

I know those who grew up not having the Freedom of Speech can't comprehend the concept.

A few months ago many Chinese students studying overseas in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Taiwan etc came out hurling abuse and threats, and belittling pro Hong Kong democracy demonstrators. They tried to silence the protesters because they couldn't bear to hear their beloved motherland being called a liar and abuser. That's called Freedom of Speech. Ironically they're exercising the very right that they don't get in China by stopping others to exercise the same rights which is freely available to all outside China.


I know Hong Kong always had Freedom of Speech. That's one of the core fundamental values that we always had. It wasn't given to us, we didn't ask for it nor did we earn it. It was ours by right, just as we have the right to live, breath and walk. No one can take that away from us.

No one, until the CCP comes along. They didn't like what the people of Hong Kong were saying. Sounds of "we want the freedom that was promised to us" scared them because they knew they couldn't and didn't want to deliver. The people of Hong Kong had to be silenced before CCP lose control over the city. Some foreign journalists had their work permits removed. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press slipped further and further away in Hong Kong. Hong Kong used to rank 18th on the World Press Freedom Index in 2002, in 2009 it dropped to 48th, and plunged further to 80th in 2020. At this rate it will soon join China who ranks 177th out of 180 countries. (Source :

I know as soon as I Justin Sun got his hands on Steem, it would be no different from China tightening its grips on Hong Kong. All the signs were there. Most weren't aware of that. Most didn't know what the signs looked like. Most didn't know what he was capable of. With the centralised Steem, Sun silenced anyone who went against him, that's what dictators do. The community lost what we valued most, the Freedom of Speech.

It wouldn't take long before some lost themselves as well


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I think freedom of speech and freedom of press are closely related, but not exactly the same.

Freedom of press involves access to information which should be public.

Freedom of speech means free of persecution for stating opinions and facts (with minor exceptions for harmful lies and threats).

Japan and South America are good examples where freedom of press is restricted but speech is relatively free.

I think freedom of press takes freedom of speech one level up, and in some places is the only way to get the message out to the world as there's only so much FB and Twitter can do.

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I would say that’s a fair comparison regarding Justin Sun. The whole world has suffered a lot of loss of freedom of speech lately. Cambodia, our former home, has take more authoritarian measures in the wake of COVID-19.

Many countries have come down hard over Covid-19, tbh UK is guilty to a certain extent also. The truth many never come out for some countries

Despite all the things we all have to share here, either from our passions or experiences, free speech is definitely the most genuine and real thing a person can do. You get to know her/him beyond the borders!

Imagine what we would learn if there was no free speech, probably only a small fraction of what we know today

Concise yet full-packed. Examples are undeniable as anyone could check and double check it anywhere. Great read.

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Powerful piece Pauline. Freedom of speech isn't always free of consequence though as I read recently. That goes with all walks of life really but of course depends on how and what is said!

And sadly the consequential costs are much larger in some countries than others as some take the same message much worse than others.....