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Hello All Hive Users.


Let me to introduce my self and my name is "Muhamad Zarzani" I am a man, who came from Aceh, Indonesia. I am the first child of 3 brothers. At the moment I am studying at one of the leading universities here, namely the Lhokseumawe State Islamic Institute.

I was there majoring in law. My hobbies are playing futsal and football, and right now I am busy teaching and maintaining a business in an institution here. My goal is to become a teacher who can produce students who can shake the world and can benefit the environment and also many people .


I am also a coffee lover, often going out at night for a cup of coffee and joining my friends every night to have a warm chat and brainstorm every hot and hot thing to talk about.

I know the hive blockchant from one of my friends who was already there, namely @rahmatulyaa24 and @sultan-indo. For my initial post. I hope that the response will be good for my arrival to join this hive. And my main goal to join here is to find a little income and experience.

Best regards...


Welcome dear friend....
Keep in mind Hard work is always appreciated by the people on Hive...
I take this opportunity to invite you to takw part in #iamalivechallenge
Its greatinitiative by @flaxz
For more details and participation please check the link.


Welcome to Hive. Nice introduction post! I hope you have fun posting here.

Welcome limoyzr09!
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Wellcome brother

Iyaya mantap, selamat bergabung my broe

Welcome to hive community...


Welcome to Hive

Welcome aboard to the Hive, Zany. Thanks for sharing your story, and the passion you have for your ambitions. This is the perfect place to share absolutely everything you want, and anything in your mind. I hope you have a good day, and a fabulous time on the Hive. Cheers from Malaysia 😁

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