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Hello friends,
in this post I will tell you about my Valentine's Day.
February 14, 2020 was a working day and therefore full of commitments but it was also a pleasant day, full of smiles and surprises.

First surprise.

The morning when I woke up I found on the kitchen table a note on which was written "Happy Valentine's Day" and a heart-shaped chocolate.

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Second surprise.

My six-year-old daughter Chiara returned from school with a cardboard ticket which she prepared at school with the help of her teachers and which she gave to me and my wife.

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Inside there was a sentence written:

IMG20200216023840.jpg Photo owned by @libertycrypto27

There is no happiness in being loved

Loving others, here is true happiness.

Really a nice gift and a nice sentence.
Congratulations to Chiara and her teachers.

I kissed and hugged my daughter.

A precious gift.

My daughter wanted to give her mom another gift.
He asked my sister for help and presented the box you see in the following photo to my wife.

IMG20200214213521.jpg Photo owned by @libertycrypto27

What will be in this box?
I can only tell you that there is a very precious object inside ...

IMG20200215145905.jpg Photo owned by @libertycrypto27

A beautiful chocolate ring.
A priceless ring, more precious than gold ... a ring made with the heart.

ring.jpg Photo owned by @libertycrypto27

Few ingredients for a special gift:

  • Dark chocolate
  • White chocolate
  • Icing sugar
  • Water

A second precious gift

Mum is always mum...
But Chiara also thought about her dad :)

Here is the beautiful gift I received.

IMG20200215150032.jpg Photo owned by @libertycrypto27

A tasty chocolate pen :)

IMG20200215150040 copia.jpg Photo owned by @libertycrypto27

Is it appropriate to celebrate Valentine's Day?

The Love the one with a capital A, whether it is love for a son, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, a dog or a cat should be celebrated every day of the year.

So it is appropriate to celebrate Valentine's Day but every day of the year.

If Valentine's Day is the day when:

  • "you must" go to eat at the restaurant
  • "you must" buy an expensive gift
  • "you must" receive an expensive gift

If Valentine's Day is reduced to a cold day of pure consumerism then it is not a day in which love is celebrated but only an occasion to commodify love.

The Valentine's Day that I spent this year was a Valentine's Day full of smiles, surprises and fantasy.

A sheet of paper,
a sentence of affection,
some chocolate and sugar,
smiles and hugs ...
... these are the most precious gifts.

It was a very rich Valentine's Day but at 0 cost,
It was a Valentine's Day that filled my heart.

Thanks Chiara and Monica for the affection you give me every day.

With this post I participate in the "Monday Mission" of Qurator.
If you also want to participate you can find all the information at this link:


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Altro che San Valentino... a me interessa il cioccolato 🍫 😋😋😋

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Siamo in due allora @tinamarr...Il cioccolato è una dolce tentazione a cui non riesco proprio a resistere 😁

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