Nunavut Trip (PRIZES TO WIN INSIDE) August Trip Pt2

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This is meant to be read before looking at the photo below. As we left out of the bay of Igloolik we were greeted with ice. And some friends waiting on it!


There was tons of ice and we were wondering how much more there would be as we approached more open stretches of the ocean. For the most part there wasn't much dodging of ice. But sometimes it did end up in our path through the deeper parts of the ocean.


Some geese flew across our path and thanks to the calm waters I was able to get some photos of them!

Off to the north, what would be for me, behind Igloolik Island is the taller island of Avvajja. That is where the original settlement for the community was established. It was ditched in favor of the better mooring on Igloolik Island.


We kept going northwest and soon ran into a lot of rocky terrain. Go figure. This is the perfect summary of Nunavut in one picture. Water. Ice. Rocks.

Lots and lots of rocks. How does that arrogant worms song go? We got rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and trees and rock and rock and ..... WATER!

Nunavut is that, minus the trees. we got rocks and rock and rocks and water. Aren't they beautiful though? More rocks to come!

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I lived in a treeless and semi bleak area for a little while. Just a few scrub willows, tons of ptarmigan, and hard to walk on soft squishy tundra. I got to where I really really like being in the middle of trees even if all I can see is trees.

I thought I would miss trees a lot more than I did, but I am okay without them. The soft squishy tundra is a pain to walk in lol it's like walking on sand. So tiring.

V-V Lensy is down atm I will transfer them ASAP!

Very tiring to walk on, wide open vistas, but really not a lot to see in the tundra areas, I found it pretty boring, even though there was lots of different small plants and lichens to see, a few different birds but not a big variety of them, a few caribou but no moose to speak of.

It was berry season or fishing season. I just was not cut out for that kind of life. I like being able to see trees and mountains, the distant sky views of temperature inversions were nice, distant towns and mountains hundreds of miles away reelected in the sky mirages were nice, but no substitute for the real views. (something that most people never get to experience, unless they live in a northern tundra area for awhile).

I have heard that on the "perfect" night you can see the lights from the next town over, some 50 miles away. Haven't seen it yet, but I wasn't thinking to look that way for it often. I'll be keeping a lookout this year though!

I love the "nothingness." And I am always surprised at how much there actually is when you think there is nothing. We didn't come back due to the 'rona this year so I wonder if that will change once we do go back to greenery! One thing that will be weird is going from a 24 hour sun to having a night! 😄

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Then I think Rocky Reflection will be the one, unless you meant for it to be one of the above. I don't know much about yet, but will learn a little from this.

Oh man, this image:

Is fantastic! Such a lovely blue sky and the rocks just pair with it so well. I'm sure there's some photography thing about complementary colours or contrast or some shit that I don't know that could be said here, but my monkey brain is just 'PRETTY COLOURS ME LIKE'

I agree. The rocks are so colorful here. I have a few more shots with rock outcroppings that look similar to this that will pop up probably in my next blog.

Awesome!! I'm excited to see those!

Congrats, you win one of the 2 Photograph NFT's from this post! You can find your prize on

Yay, thanks bud!

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