New Birthday Dice!

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@arcticgypsy gave me an early (very early) birthday present when she completed one part of her gift and the other half of it showed up soon after. It was a wonderful combination of hand knitted "dragon scale" dice bag and gemstone dice set. To be specific, the dice set is made from Labradorite, a weird mineral that refracts certain shades of color when moved under light. And the dice bag is crocheted, and not knitted. (Picture of the dice bag is further below) Along with my set of dice, she also got herself a sat of Tiger Eye gemstone dice as well. Which are far prettier than the labradorite at first glance.


But the labradorite hides its beauty. Flashing its color as the dice rolls and catches the light. Showing its true beauty when in motion. The Tiger eye has a similar effect but isn't as subtle in its delivery. I am a big fan of the rough, occluded look of the Labradorite dice, and it is my favorite gemstone. (I wonder why she picked this one for me hmm 😇) We haven't been playing

Dragon Scale Dice Bag

Tiger Eye Dice


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I love them!!