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I made this piece soon after I ran out of data and was stuck to dial-up speeds for the rest of the month. I tried in vain to upload it to NFT Showroom, but alas, the site it not built for web 0.3, but for web 3.0! Which is a somewhat apt theme for the piece. I was listening to a lot of synthwave music while I was throwing this together and synthwave is synonymous with cyberpunk.

High Tech, Low Life.

A somewhat fitting description of the state of internet in Nunavut. The companies that you talk to expect internet connections that can handle zoom meetings and remote desktop access. Which is almost impossible with the infrastructure of internet up here. We've done it before, but often the schools rely on the meetings being recorded and uploaded to youtube or dropbox so that they can watch them in higher quality. 4 mb/s is TOP speed, and that still comes with a 800-1,000 ms ping. So there is a delay on everything. I pray that Starlink and it's 20ms ping internet comes to the arctic circle within the next few years. It would truly help bring these small arctic communities up out of the beginning age of the internet and truly boost them into the age of information.


And anime. Lord, do they love anime!

Currently the price of these pieces is set to 50 HIVE. (~$8) I am expecting the price of hive to slowly creep up over the next few weeks now that the hard fork is out of the way and devs can resume work on updates to their apps. Which means these pieces will get more and more expensive to grab at a later date. Make the most of these low prices and buy today! Don't just buy my art, but check out other artists too!


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