I am Thankful For Diesel. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. (on monday)

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This is a press release from the mayor of our community, Igloolik. (Iglulik is the traditional inuit spelling) We ran out of diesel fuel just as the weather started to dip into the negatives. There was signs up at the grocery store where you purchase fuel saying "Diesel will not be sold until a later date." Meaning that if your vehicle operates on diesel you would have to start walking in a short amount of time. And as you can read by the post, it also means that we need to quickly swap over to an alternative fuel source. Here is the news article pictured above if you wish to read more.



Luckily for us, the large fuel ship, Kitikmeot, showed up about 10 days later to top up our fuel tanks. I'm not sure if the community did end up having to use any jet fuel to heat homes, but from the research I did it isn't too huge of an issue to do so. Jet fuel is more dry than diesel and has a higher concentration of sulfur (if my memory serves me correctly) meaning some additives is really all it takes to swap over.


But, for a community of 1,500 people to run out of heating fuel as winter quickly approaches is quite scary. It shows the mismanagement within the government where this could be allowed to happen. Something that is far too common in the north.

I am by no means throwing shade at our current Mayor. He has only had the job for 6-8 months and I suspect a problem like this takes longer than that to develop. We only get our fuel vaults filled once every couple of years, after all. And due to the nature of living in the north, all ordering is made WELL in advance. Sometimes a year in advance, to make sure things are ready to go come open water.


Therefore, this thanksgiving I will be very thankful for diesel fuel and that the Kitikmeot fuel ship showed up to top off our fuel supplies and keep our homes nice and toasty warm for the coming winter months. In just over a month and a half the sun will set on 2020 for us and will not return until late January. We may have shit produce and expensive foods, but at least we can be warm indoors.



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I hope this fuel ship come more back soon .
Think if food runs out what then ?

To quote the Inuit hunters Facebook group...


Oh ... one day I must try all this food :))