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RE: Drop point down under

in OCDlast year (edited)

Nice! I'm not a huge fan of the design of the blade (I like them a bit longer and thinner viewed from that first photo angle) but I really appreciate the work put into it.
My kid's father is a hobbyist woodworker and lots more. He tends to watch a lot of videos on such crafts, all wood and metal. Sometimes they give off a quite meditating vibe so I end up watching them too :D (also "Forged in Fire" is a great show, though rather entertaining than neutral and informative).
I'll likely check out what kind of other knives and stuff @freedompoint's done.


Yeah, it isn't one of the prettiest knives but I don't need a pretty knife, I need one that will cut animals up over and over without fail, that's why I went for a drop point. They are reliable, not fussy about what the user throws at it and are very strong.

I have some very interesting knives and some that I would call beautifully shaped...But this knife is designed to work and work hard. I'm pleased with it.