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RE: First month on the blockchain - A social media junkie’s hive journey

in OCD11 months ago

Freaked out, I saved those on two computers, one phone, photographed it, and also printed a copy of it.

Thank you for the good laugh! 😆 I saved mine in LastPass. I also sent the password to my messenger just in case I forget the password of my LastPass which is 25 char.😅

I'm 11 days older than you here in Hive yet you've gained lots of friends, gathered necessary information of this and that. Just wow!

Anyway, congratulations on your first month here in Hive!!!


Thanks a lot!

Seriously, I thought - Good God! This 'keys' business is mind numbing. As if you're opening an account in a foreign bank as a spy!

25! Whoa! My LastPass is shorter but has multiple special characters. I've been using it for a long time as well. But my gut wasn't agreeing with lastpass storing hive credentials. I guess I'm a bit paranoid! 😅

You're doing great yourself. 😊 Hive doesn't have a chatting platform, discord servers are alternatives I guess. You'll find a lot of friendly faces there. Glad that you joined PHC already!

I don't know the process of new users, but mine was I only need the first key given. By using it, I can open the other four credentials.

I joined Steemitbloggers before and now in Hive, they are PHC. Someone remembered me and I couldn't be happier given that I'm not a conversation starter. I only read the chats in discord. I only greet in the mornings and evenings. I can't find my way to join the convo. Most of the time I'm speechless (and reserved) that's why I read blogs and do upvotes. I know I should step up and leave some comments so I can make friends already.

Yes, I already have friends when I was still active in the previous platform. Some are active here but with me being active and coming to a different platform, well, you're the only new-found friend. At least I have one new friend. Hehehe