A Bittersweet Revelation With A Touch Of Love

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My God, what have you been doing with my prayers?

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I have been repeating the same prayer since 20 years ago and l have been asking you to touch her heart. I asked you to convince her to move on. Why didn't you answer my prayer?

Ohhh... I know why!

You wanted me to bear the burden of knowing that she is all alone in this scary World. You wanted me to repent of my sins and I've been doing that in this prison for over 20 years. I have been paying the price for murder.

This happened two days after my wedding and it's all because of the messy life that l have been living. I was a gangster and it landed me in prison but I found a new me in this place. I became a new leaf and l have been living peacefully while serving my 25 years sentence in prison.

I know that being alive is already a blessing so, I pleaded with God to touch the heart of my wife so that she will move on.

No one visited me throughout my stay here but I never felt sad about it. I have already spent 20 years without any phone call or visitation and l'm very convinced that my dear wife is now in the arms of another man.


All of a sudden, things started to take a different turn. I couldn't believe my ears neither could I trust my eyes but it's the reality.

I got my first visitation!

Who could it be?

The thought of who my visitor would be send chills down to my spine.

Lo and behold, I walked into the visitation room and saw a pretty lady, who was too young to be my wife, staring at me with tears in her eyes. She wore a familiar hairpin which made me very uncomfortable.

"That was the hairpin that l gave to my wife in the Christmas Eve of 1999"

This pretty lady had a very innocent look on her eyes and tears dripped from her eyes as she called me by a very strange name.


Are you truly my Dad?


This was a moment of bittersweet experience for me.

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She revealed that she have been living alone with her mum and that her mum, my wife, refused all marriage proposals that came her way. She was suffering silently and was patiently waiting for my return despite all the years that l have been spending in prison.

Tears ran down my cheek with reckless abandon

What have I really done to myself?
I never knew that I had a child neither did l know that my wife is still waiting for my return.

Having a wife that still love me despite my current situation is already enough for me but having a daughter in addition to that is a blessing that I never would have wished for.


Do l really deserve this despite all my sin?


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What a touching, romantic story! For a man to believe he deserved nothing good in life not knowing he's actually blessed with a wife who still loves him and a young, beautiful daughter! Oh my heart! You are such a good writer!

Question - tor, since the wife turned down all proposals, waiting for her husband, why didn't she ever visit him? 🤔

Hahahah.... Why is Kemmy balling me question na 🙄🙄

If l start the explanation now, we will spend the rest of January while trying to break it down. That must have been a loophole in the content and l'm looking at each paragraph to know if any adjustment can be made but my brain is already roasted 🤦

Loll... Thanks for this fabulous review.
I will have to look into that missing piece

Happy Sunday To You, Lady K

😂😂 Balling you questions? Very funny! Not every story has to be complete... Sometimes a writer may create a missing piece for suspense or leave the reader wanting more. So, it's okay! 😏

Happy Sunday!

Hahaha... Ahaaa
I'm now relaxed after seeing this from you. My heart almost skipped a beat when you balled me that question 🤣🤣

It was like;
Kene, you are 🔥ed
Happy Sunday Dear

As a little token of support I have added you to my auto vote. Happy Sunday man

Wowwwww... Thanks Alot Bro.
I'm sure that l would have been thrown off balance by this "autovote" and how it works but l was lucky enough to have seen a video about it on YouTube.

Thanks for all your numerous support. Have a lovely Sunday ahead

This story really arrives, I congratulate you friend, this reflection of a prisoner 20 years old who has lost all hope and suddenly has the surprise of a daughter and a love even waiting for him is very beautiful. Greetings from Margarita, Venezuela.

Hahahah... Greetings from Jos Town, the only cold city in Nigeria

I like the way you interpreted the post and it's the same thing that I'm trying to pass across. Thanks a lot for your presence here and thank you for making out time to go through the post.

A lot of people have already lost hope where they are and they are but I believe that God will always show us his mercy when the time is right.

I hope that your Sunday is going well

Aww, such a touching story. I really like the theme.

Heheheh... The theme is also something that l enjoy because l've never been in a prison but I was able to imagine what will be going on to someone that is there while living hopelessly without knowing how the next day will be.

Well Done Bro

haha yeah


This is beautiful, that's a real woman, she waited for him, though it's not easy at all, but she still kept her hopes high and also love.

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