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I have a friend who I know through a friend who is high in the scientifical research foodchain. When he says stuff regarding the covid situation I usually take this as a high valued opinion. Not like the ones other people refer to as a source because they have read it 'somewhere.' Currently you can read anything anywhere, as I was writing before earlier in the week.

My friend claims we will all be drinking beers together again by next Summer. I don't know what information he bases his ideas on, but it is based on something for sure. Although I want nothing more than this to be true, I remain sceptical and don't want my hopes to get up too high on this.

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Even though this year doesn't feel like a waste at all and for luckily a lot of good stuff happened this isn't the same for everyone. I see some people around me suffering and sliding away in the situation, and I think going into all of these extremes isn't a good thing for anyone at all.

The world wants this to be over. Not only because of the tremendous loss of life (numbers aren't everything as said, but seeing what happens around you is) but also because of the economical, political and mental stability of everyone.

Side hussle

Even I feel like I am trying to think of alternative ways of making some bucks while sitting at home so such, even though I still have my hospital job which takes enough of my time in general.

For some reason Instagram has caught my eye for this, and the monetisation on Youtube as well. Again this is also totally crazy as well, because I think that currently with blogging in crypto space there is plenty of room for eventually making very decent amounts.

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Snow activity?

But it feels more like I want to do something usefull with my time while we are here. In previous years going towards the winter I would start running and training by now to check how my legs are doing and if I am ready for the skiing season.

I honestly question is there will be any room for skiing this season, and the second question is if you should want it. My Curacao experience told me that I felt really safe while being there because of the amount of stuff you do outdoors. This is a bit different with skiing ofcourse because of time spending in lift going up with people who are also catching their breaths.

If you ask me, it should be a 1 household per cart kind of story, but I don't know if this will be happening. After all...In the airplanes it was also packed..and I mean packed, which also didn't feel the safest of all, but revenue before anything else you know.

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New Hobby? Music!

So I have started focussing on a new hobby here in the house which is doable as long as we are locked up here. It will require learning music, so I am dedicating my time at the moment learning how to read chords, notes, sharps and flats and training my brain in it.

And it is exhausting! Just like learning a new language, the practise drains mental energy and honestly...it feels good ;)

I thought about dedicating some blogs and maybe videos on it, but untill now..it feels to embarrasing even. So up until the next phase where I actually physically play an instrument, I will stick to my theoretics and bother no one with it.

The rest will follow later. I got this winter covered!


My flatmate is just about to start a new job- with the company making the Oxford Vaccines here in Aust.

I'm not an anti vaxxer, but I am to this one- I am to anything that goes in my body if it hasn't been tested for atleast 2yrs and then a further 2 years to find the longterm side effects.

The AUST govt said that they WILL and will NOT force everyone to have it..lying, conniving, mongrels they are......I have a rare heart condition, what if I do have it and I have another heart attack and die from it.....

Anyway....Insta and youtube for side hustles- Nope not a good idea...not unless your a 10yr old influencer, a Hollywood A-lister, pornstar or a cat with a genetic birth deformity....

Do you have actifit app on Hive?
I just logged into my acc there for the first time since I got it a few months ago and was pleasantly suprised to see how much I've already got in there- especially since I'm one of the more 'slacker' users....

Goodluck with the music. Try garageband, it's so much fun and easy to use....with or without real instruments cause there is a keyboard on your keyboard which you can have as a piano and change the keyboard recording to any instrument afterwards...and you can learn chords and stuff in there while your doing it too.

I'm worried about these vaccines too. No one I know seems to be.. they ALL want it!!! I'm worried I'll be pressured into it..

Have you met @montycashmusic yet? He's based just a little bit further to the west of you and this is his brilliant correspondence to the Scumbag-- ooops I mean Scummo we all know him to be.

Read the letter and between the lines. Actually, you don't even really need to read between the lines because it's pretty clear what he means regardless of what side of the mouths his lies slide out of...https://peakd.com/hive-122315/@montycashmusic/an-open-letter-to-the-prime-minister-of-australia

And now that Qantas have stated that they will only allow any vacbots onto their flights....which is ok for me- I never flew Qantas anyway....

oe I heard someone else say something as garageband as well, now I really have to go check it out!

Yeah as said..I am a very much pro vaxxer..but this one being so fresh is a bit scary since me as a healthcare person most likely will have to get it first..

If I grow a second head..you know where it is from

Yes please do tr garageband- it's free on MAcs too...

CAuse it's like a double dipper- you get 2 benefits for the proice of one- making digital music from the loops that are on there, as well as being able to make you own on a digital instrument or plugging in your own IRL instrument AND you can also learn all of the chords and everything too while you are there- so it's a triple dipper!

Yes, you probably will have to get it first and I'm not happy for you for that, but if you do grow 2 heads, maybe you can lend on to me! 🤣 (unless it's worse than mine...lol...)

Feet and if you happen to grow extra feet, I'd love another couple of pairs too! 🤣

That's pretty cool. What instrument do you most wanr to learn? I used to be able to read it and still can if I try but playing an instrument? Nah.

It'll be a tough winter for you guys. But look at Australia now.. we are doing swell. Just believe

yeah the winter is gonna a be a long one, game of thrones style. Im envying your upcoming bbq and surfing regime hahaha..

Piano will be the choice of poison as it is a really cool instrument aka furniture and it gives the most deepest sound..looking forward to the journey!