Tropical Rain

in OCD2 months ago

The azurblue sky slowly started to shift of color. Small white clouds were forming and it seemed as if the background got darker and darker. A small check on the radar told me mayhem would start in a couple of hours. No radar can predict prefectly when tropical weather will reach because clouds quickly form on warm seas.

I looked around and nobody seemed to worry a second about it. A group ordered another bottle of overpriced rose, a family had just reached the beach and were settling in, a fresh in love couple walked into the ocean again. As if nobody had an idea how tropical weather is different compared to mainland weather. I thought about how often I was caught by flashfloods before.


Initially I had no fear or thoughts about rain while living on an island. The first time I realised the amounts of water are different when water is coming off of a mountain in the form of a river. Water piles up and the shortest way down is often over roads. One evening I was enjoying the thunder on my balcony and when I looked towards the road I heard a sound. It was a car spinning its wheels while trying to drive up the wet road. It never reached the top.

Another time I was picking up someone from work in the evening while it was raining cats and dogs. On the way towards the pick up there was no issue. When I reached back half of a mountain had collapsed and a gigantic boulder had fallen through a passing cars wind shield. I had driven there five minutes earlier.

And one day I was going somewhere while my friends had all cancelled because of the weather and I still deceided to go in spite of the rain. I encountered a gigantic puddle and wasnt sure if to go through it fast or slow. So I chose medium fast. Water came over the hood and there my car died on the golf course in the middle of nowhere. I had to push it out with some people and call a tow truck afterwards.

I made sure I was home before the rain started. In a matter of minutes the small drizzle went over into sideways flying walls of water.

I sat on the porch, poured a drink and watched the rain and lightning outside. It was mysticus.


Rain is beautiful!