The Youtube rabbit hole

in OCD2 months ago

If you have watched 'the social dilemma' documentary, you have a glimpse of how the AI of Youtube is messing with you. In this documentary most of it is about malicious videos (often produced in the Netherlands) go viral and make a lot of people beleve in conspiracy theories.

I believe this especially in covid times because people do not have a lot of other stuff to do, don't get enough feedback from real life discussions with people, and just have too much time to watch these kinds of things.

The AI is programmed to make you watch as long as possible, so they can make as much money as possible from you.

I fell down this AI trap yesterday, wasting my whole evening with just watching stuff which lead me, which I will now lead to you. That is how the world works right? :D


So for unknown reasons I really like to watch movies, docus and other stuff about mountaineering, mount everest and K2 as the top ones for that. So I started with watching a docu about Porters, who are the carriers of cargo who walk up these mountains, so paying tourists dont have to carry that much.

What I say...I don't really understand the urge from people to go the highest place on earth just to say and think that they did it. It is an area where stuff doesn't grow and live and is just dangerous.

So these porters walk 9 days up and 2 days down with stuff of other people. The docu maker is an American dude who (mysteriously speaks awesome Nepalese) volunteerly signs up as walking up as a porter, and sleeping in the same places and eat the same food as the portsers do. The last day he walks downhill with 100 kilo's. It's an interesting one actually if you ask me. Go for it

The rabbit hole opened up with all kinds of docus about montaineering. And the one that I watched was this Norwegian guy who wanted to be the youngest Norwegian to summit Everest. This is his second attempt because the one before it was terminated by a ice avalanche.

His second attempt all went fine until the legendary earthquake of Kathmandu from a couple years back wiped out nearly all base camp on the mountain. You can literally see the avalanche approaching the camp and it is batshit scary. A legitimate reason to stop his attempt. Awesome docu also on how scary this avalanche was man, and how antisocial mountaineering is for your family who remain anxiously at home.

For some reason I ended up finding a travel blog from an American couple with gigantic colgate smiles which deceided to travel 100 countries and vlogged about that. Reaching their 100th country they reflect back on how they reached this goal and how this started

Actually not even the story about why they did this but how they did this. With details of the finances on how much they made on ad revenue on youtube and other stuff. Actually I found it quite enjoyable, and it was interesting to see the details on how this works. So past the intense happy faces and look towards the details.

So actually the AI rabbit hole was really in my favor this time. Hopefully the blockchain will also once take over these features.


I don't know what happened but Youtube's recommendations used to be so good for me years ago, but now not lately. Lately it's been awful and I've been using Youtube less and less. Nowadays Youtube is too corporate and unwilling to recommend non-PG rated stuff to me I find.