I just got scammed. 4425 HIVE gone

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You know what they always say. Never click any shady links. If it looks too good to be true it probably is. I fell for it. And now it hurts.


I still double post on Steemit. I take the funds and trade with them so I can keep my precious HIVE. A nice way of collecting a bit. Under one of my posts was this reply. An Airdrop? Screw it more coins.

So I clicked the link without looking all too good. A steemconnect window poppen up asking for my active key. I filled it in.

Then there was this notification on hivetasks.


4425 HIVE was sent and I didnt send it. I was scammed and I gave the order most likely myself. Fuck me.

Now ofcourse there are was I could have prevented this and which were dumb.

  • My HIVE Keys were still the same as my steem Keys. Lazy and most of all really stupid.
  • I clicked on a shady link
  • I gave my active key while everyone knows to never give your active key.

So yes, this was all super stupid and most of all my own fault. Luckily my HP was still there.The more painful it is because I had been grinding on it for 3 years all through writing, trading and gaming.

I had liquid for reasons like buying land in Splinterlands and playing with it with stuff. Well game time is over now.

Please just spread this message to others to prevent them from making the same stupid lazy mistakes as I did. Thank you and watch out!


FFS people, stop falling for scams! I'll upvote all your posts this week, hope it's some consolation.

Super thx dude but you dont have to... (although highly appreciated!)

this is entirely my own fault with a LOT of rookie mistakes from my side! Im sury I am not the only one with still old keys in there

Steem/Steemit itself is a scam. The usurper Sun Yuchen who pretends to be named Justin, with malice, stole over 30,000 STEEM from my account. And $millions more from a lot of people. I'm sorry you've lost your funds. I suggest avoiding scams, like Steem, though.

Dude that must have hurt and indeed. So majy funds were stolen then. Mine is nothing compared to your loss.

As said..I was just still stemming as a little sidehussle to get some peddy cash to trade with. The greed took over I guess

I changed my keys for Hive about a month ago when I found out someone was using my old Steemit account to upvote their posts. Key security is definitely very important. I have since also changed the Steemit keys. Sorry to hear you took such a big hit, that’s always an expensive lesson to learn. They also recommend you switch your recovery account to a trusted one on Hive since the old Steemit Inc was the original account recovery listed if onboarded through them.

Oeee luckily you found out in the not so expensive way and were in time to change them.

I switched the recovery acount about a month ago. Was also a bit worried about that because it takes like a month to pull through. Luckily not needed!

Ouch ... that hurts! Fuck those scammers ... Sorry it happened to you!

I totally did it myself and that is so dumb even more! But yeah man..it hurts.. imagine how money that is when hive moons. Ahhh mennn

I don't even want to imagine how much money it is when hive moons ... I would jump if I only had that amount of hive now, let alone when it moons. Ya it is stupid but no need to remind you that ... you already knew that the moment you saw it. I know exactly how you feel ... I've been there myself, not because I did it myself. But I also lost a nice chunk. So I know the feeling. And that hurts yes.

Hahhha dont remind me.. i know man haha.

But indeed..it feels like we have all been there I guess !

So sorry for you keep your head up and keep grinding 🤝

Head is totally up and moving forward to getting it alllllll back again!


Gutted for you!
I need to get on top of my security too.

Get it in place dude!

The click is easily made but if I would have had the security good this wouldnt have been a problem !

I’ll make the change. Thanks for raising the issue!
Given you a full vote to help that tiny tiny fraction 😂

Sorry to read that!
And thanks for the information.

yeah dont fall for these things! The steemconnect window made it look not that shady and easy clicking through it.. So stupid

even more stupid not having the keys changed up forehand

Darn that sucks. Upvoted and reblogged for extra exposure.

Super appreciated!

Now you see the warning everywhere. When I clicked it I didnt. So the exposure helps warning others!

I've been a victim before so I know how it felt. So sorry for your loss.

It really feels like we all have to go through this once right? Before we work safe?

Did you lose much back then?

I actually did. I saved up to buy myself a new laptop for my art and it was all stolen a day before the day I was going to make the purchase. I cried for days.

Thanks for advice... thanks for information

Watch out! Crypto is a jungle man when you look at this!

Oh honey that sucks.. you must have felt sick. I know how long it takes to earn that much Steem.. totally devastating. Xxx

Thats a looot of words written my dear!

But yeah this is it a we gotta deal with it. But yeah..withntwo feet right in it!

I know, jesus h christ on a stick, that's shitty babe!!!

dude I saw your present.... I dont know what to say so sweet! <3

Aw no worries.. just a gesture and some appreciation.. also chevk the @lotusshares aaccount.. not much but hope it helps rebuild.

Aw no worries.. just a gesture and some appreciation.. also chevk the @lotusshares aaccount.. not much but hope it helps rebuild.

I was shocked to see your name when someone mentioned this scam and I checked the scammer's wallet. It sucks, and sadly it's cost you heavily.

Yeah this was a really expensive one indeed! And the thing is..so preventable.

Loads of people were scammed by him for a good one I saw. But he had me for the best boooooooh.

Back to the grond to fix it up! Thank you so much for the support :)

Hey, how that link will open in steem connect window?? ...if it opens I would think its a steem operation so its safe to give the active key...I don't understand how that link opened as a steemconnect interface.

Yeah...change your active key...or all those keys right away...if it can be done. Dash it...I guess you were not alert as well...I did several such things when not alert, that's why I don't work when my energy is low and all...read through stuff and think twice.

Yeah that is what I thought as well. Apparently that steemconnect was like an overlay that looked exactly like it but actually wasnt. The dude made it pretty clever!

Yeah all keys are changed now with one press of the button. I should have done that miles ago.

Really sorry to hear that Karin. I haven't been here or on Steemit for a while, it's sad to see the scams are still going :-(

Hope you and family are doing well otherwise x

All other is very well here thank you so much! Hope you are good and safe too there!

Yeah you know, people will always scam and try new ways. Every once in a while they will try and some suckers like will bite. That is how the world works. Stealing feels good for some people unfortunately

snel keys veranderen en hopelijk is je leo safe

Keys veranderen check!!

Ja joh heb pas 20 LEO ofzo..das dat is het ergste nog niet!

Oh shit, now you have to change both I guess!

So sorry to hear that, what a downer.

All you can do now is TRY and forget about it and move on!

I saw the gift from you how sweet. It touches my heart!

Yeah dude it is a LOT of funds man. Imagine how many words were written for that..

All is changed now, no more joking around. It wasnt that much of a hassle changing them. Why i didnt do it earlier? Yeah good question

Oh, that's really sad. You should never click on weird links. Thanks for sharing the information. 😐

yeah I made so many rookie mistakes in here it is almost embarrassing I must admit! never the weird links, always change the keys..and so forth!

It's true, after all more than 4K Hive is quite a bit, I can only say that you have to learn from your mistakes and hope that this will not happen again ...

Lessen well learned i would say ;)))

I'm glad for your optimism. I would go completely insane if something similar happened to me.

Shit. That sucks. 😞

warm diarhhea dude...that is how it felt...like mucho!

When something is free, you are the product.

I heard this in 'the social dilemma' is that possible??

Well yeah it is okay the make money off me, not steal it

Gvd Karin wat erg , het enige wat ik kan doen is dit blog UV en zeggen dit had mij ook kunnen gebeuren , nu niet meer nu is het een waarschuwing ⚠️ dank je

Dat is het een beetje.. ik denk dat dit stiekem best veel mensen nog had kunnen overkomen, vandaar de waarschuwing ook.

Dank je iig voor de steun. De rest schrijven we wel weer bij elkaar in de komende twee jaar hahahaa

Sorry to hear this. You have to be so careful and not everyone will know the risks. I actually only recently updated my Hive keys. Having them different to St++m gives some extra security. My HIVE is all powered up, so they could not get it immediately anyway.


Is updating your keys simple?
What way did you do it?

I’m oblivious to this stuff and could do with keeping on top of my security.
I’d love to know how f you wouldn’t mind sharing?

That wasnt that difficult actually. When you are in hive.blog you go to your wallet and there you see a thingy with password change which requires you master password.

In peakd in wallet there is a little tab next to your avatar when you are in wallet where you can change them.

With both you get new active and new posting keys. 2 minutes in and out. And dont forget to save you new keys..

It worth doing I can tell you @ashtv !

Thanks for the advice!
Does it ‘give you’ new keys automatically and randomly? Or do you literally choose something?

Is it letters and numbers?

Sorry for my ignorance 😆

Just go to your wallet and you'll see the tools there for generating a new key.


In peakd from the Actions menu you get to Keys & Permissions then Change Password. Need your owner key to authorise this. It's fairly simple really.

Perfect - glad I asked!

Having the keys different was the first thing I should have done. And luckily my powered up HP is still there @steevc

Noooo :(

Yesss and there it was... i clicked right into it..such as ass move and so expensive

oh this is so sad to see, but not entirely unexpected. I'm sure there are a lot of scams like this out there.

There are a LOT more scams like this out there in deed and what I am saying. With not changing my keys..that is just really dumb

oh my god, how shitty! That's a lot of money damn girl :( sorry that happened to you. It's good to put out the warning here though! A hard lesson for you though :(

A really hard lessen but hopefully at least others will learn from it in not such a hard way

Yes, good to warn others!

Gotta be very careful with scammers, but no physical harm done. I hope you'll be able to regain it all back in a matter of a few days, best of luck to you and I wish you the best!

Well a few days.. this is $600 bucks of blogging and I am a mediocre writer hahahaha. It will tske a bit longer but I am working on it!


I know right? A warm feeling in the butt....booooh!

Sad to hear this happen to you!

I understand that heart-sinking moment when the clear fact of the loss comes into one's awareness. For my part, I fucked up when changing my keys and lost access to my main account which I thought was gone for good. I then discovered that I do have a chance at redemption, with a 9-minute window in which to recover the account at the end of the month. I am very fortunate in this regard.

I hope you will be able to let this go and allow the Universe to compensate you in its own way.

This is a courageous post. Good luck!


thanks for the support!!

Yeah I was aware for the recovery account function but not that it was a 9 minute thing honestly. Also good to know again!

You also dogded a bullit then and I am happy for you that you got it all back into place!

This will also all turn out well in some kind of way..I just shouldnt think about how much mney this could have been when hive moons...ow well

Actually, it's a 30-day window normally, but my particular problem-configuration has meant I've only got 9-mins (effectively the very last 9 mins of this 30-day'window'). That's yet to come - on Oct 31.

And yes, that's what you'll have to let go of in order to find peace with this issue I think!

It'll work itself out in unexpected ways ╰(°▽°)╯

Best wishes

Sorry to hear this give you a 100% upvote from my small vote!

That doesnt matter how big or small! It is about as a community helping each other when crap hits the fan..it is highly appreciated! THX :D

That is terrible news, but thanks for sharing.

It really sucks dude.. that was a ton of writing in there. Watch out always!

We found out what this person's name is on Bitrex:

Hive: 4ad5b97d3096404e82d
HBD: cce9ea5155b34a97a3c

Please report these IDs to Bitrex so that it can be blocked there.

Thanks for the hunt! I will take a look at the adressen and see what I can do

Wow that's alot of coins for one to be scammed. Sorry for your loss

Yeah i saw more people he stolen from but I think he got the most from me.

A lot of coins which took a lot of blogging over the years

So sorry :( I'm so sorry about what happened to you, but thanks to share this information, because it could happen to other people too.

yeah exactly..it happens so fast and even to people who are around for a while..

It just sucks but is really my own fault! 100%

That's horrible! Thanks for the warning!

I would say my pleasure if it wasnt so expensive hahahq

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I guess I published my warning a bit late, will be faster next time, I am sorry you were scammed, plz be careful next time and try to ask around before making any unreliable clicks and signups.

Eek, I read similar thing the other day but on another chain. Sorry for your loss.