How I miss Caribbean Food

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There is so much inspiration to be found to write for if you look broad. @revisesociology referred to a post from the @abundance.tribe which is a fun and great trip to go to memory lane. It was about thinking and missing stuff from your home country. Well in this case, I have just moved back to my home country, but there are aspects of the Caribbean which I do miss. Today we are talking about the fine things in life, namingly:

Caribbean food!

My trip back to the sun, with the stuff that is good there, and poorly imitated in Europe. Here we go!

Saltfish with Johnny Cake

Tropical Island Grill Cuisine

Now a lot of people aren't really familiar with this, but Saltfish with Johnny cake ia really something that I think back to with a smile on my face.

Saltfish is a codfish which is kept well because it is dried in salt. So what you do is you soak the fish overnight to wash the salt away. Add garlic, spring onions and pieces of bellpepper to give it some flavour.

Johnny cake is a fried dough ball or sandwich whichhas some sweetness in there. The sweetness of the Johnny cake in combination with the salt of the fish is just an awesome snack. Great hangover food as well I would say ;)))

The Abundance of Mangos


What we also had in the back yars was a tree with neverending mangos. Well okay, fair to say that mangos have a season as well and they are harvested around June. But then they are really harvested for a good one. You can really knock yourself out on them then.

But the big difference with these mangos and the mangos that we traditionally buy in the supermarket in European countries is that the mangos should be sucked out. As in not being eaten with a knife but literally make a whole in it, mush the meat, and suck it out.

I looked like a fool for trying to cut these in the beginning but actually these sucky ones are so damn good and sweet. But you live and you learn and if you ask me, these are my new favorites...Not easy to find in Europe and I miss them!

Coconut Shrimp


The last one of the things that I really miss from the Caribbean is cocounur shrimp. Well actually, I really liked how coconut was integrated in so many things in the food on island, because coconuts were also the ones that were always easily found. I am not the biggest fan of coconut water, but coconut milk was always the bomb, and with the grated dried meat from the coconut perfect to use for anything. Shrimps we realy ate a lot, and the combo of those two really just takes you back to paradise immediately.

Ofcourse you can get coconut shrimps here in restaurants as well, but it isn't the same. Maybe it just is better with eating these in the sun.

As you see, enough food that is missed from the sun. Maybe I am just missing the sun with everything in there. But just takes you back somewhere in a second. Food is life.


I am definitely a fan of coconut shrimp! 😋

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damn you are right! And I was aware of this food channel already and didnt do anything with it. Good one and thanks for the reminder

And coconut shrimp is life...we need some!

Absolutely a pleasure!! 😉

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Mangoes! I can definitely agree with you there! The ones here are such a pale imitation... My kids love them, but I tell them that they will just lose their minds when they have Australian ones!

What is the difference with the Australian ones then? Are they meaty or also the sucky ones ...yeah damn mangos are so good. So sweet and just an awesome in between snack

Meaty... Juicy! They grow up in the North of Australia, so a tropical climate... the proper climate for growing great fruit!

Oluuh I think I can enjoy carribean food I love coconut and mangos, I also did a video about coconut, check my profile ❤️

all tropical food is so damn good actually..

videos! Let me go check it out~!