The Most Ridiculous Method to Earn Money!

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Few days ago, I was surfing the internet, and something pulled my attention. It is the strangest way/method to earn money. I am not sure whether those people are earning money or not, but it really worth a try. If it succeeded, you can secure some tokens of Hive or any other crypto LOL!

I am sure you cannot guess what it is. It is “Remove Background”. You can find this type of gigs on the freelancing websites such as Fiverr. Let’s take a look before we go deeper:


Let’s checkout how much they earn. I chose the left one from the first row


This woman has 3 packs: Basic (C$6.54), Standard (C$32.69), and Premium(C$45.76)
Basically, the more you pay, the more she removes background of images. By reading the description of that gig, It seems she is a Photoshop professional.


Looking at the number of ratings up, at least she did it for 2474 customers/times from starting offering this service until now. So, if we calculate the range of her profits from doing this it should be the following:

Minimum: Basic pack price (C$6.54) * 2474 = C$16,179.96
Maximum: Premium pack price(C$45.76) * 2474 = C$113,210.24

So, the range of her profits is between C$16,179.96 - C$113,210.24 (at least)

Sounds awesome! Isn’t it? Now, if I told you do that, would you do it?
I am pretty sure that your answer is no due to lack of photoshop knowledge. However, you still can do that!

Guess what? Background can be easily removed by using a FREE website called

Is this website really efficient? Yes, it is. Let me show you an example.
I am going to use a picture from By the way, has many pictures that are free to use.


Let me choose a perfect picture to show you how it works!


This picture seems perfect! Next, let's download it and then go to


Click on upload and choose the picture from your device. Anddd BOOM!


This is the final result. Also, you can click on edit to blur parts of the image, erase, restore, and so on. Let me enlarge both the original and removed background to see how accurate this service in terms of background removal.




Removed Background:


P.S. This is the "Preview Image" not the "Full Image". If you want to get the high quality image you must pay a small amount of money to get credit as each image needs 1 credit. Moreover, you will need to pay only for the high-quality images.



Their prices make sense. For instance, you pay 12$ per month for 40 credits. 40 credits = 40 images. If we say you charge your customer 5$ for 5 images. So, you I’ll able to gain 28$ if you finished all these credits in one month (it depends on how your work goes on).

Eventually, you send the final result to your customer. That’s it.

Now, How can you start? It is very simple. There are many freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr,, and so on. Choose one or all of them, create account(s), then:

  • Make your own portfolio on these freelancing websites.
  • Post attractive gigs or bids
  • Start with the lowest price.
  • Give a brief description of your service with simple work.
  • Before setting your prices, look at other people’s prices.

I think this is the easiest job you can have LOL!
If you have any enquiries, please comment below.


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