The buzz around HIVE: What more could be the CAUSE?

in hive-174578 •  3 months ago 

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In this video, I seek to know if there are more reasons to why there have been a buzz around HIVE lately aside from the increment in its exchange value. Someone please tell me something I'm yet to know!!

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hive is trying to rebuild the reputation that steem new owner messed up. this is why the people are supporting Hive. Long live the Hive Community.

Well said brother. That's candid! Thank you!

Great to see you K!
Hope you are really well bro =D

Thanks @icedrum

I've been great. Trust you've also?

Yes indeed - it has been a pretty crazy year but all good - thanks bro =D

Brotherly, people are coming in more because Hive offers that main true censorship free feature which is now threatened on steem. Beautiful vlog buddy. Well-done.

Wow! That's thoughtful. I concur with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.