Coronavirus shuts down my world – how is yours?

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Do you want the bad news or the very bad news? This is how it looks to me on the planet right now. I don’t know how things are looking on your side of the planet but here in sunny South Africa we are collapsing. And here in my world – on planet Bitcoin Babaji – income has dried up, the pandemic #Covid-19 has shut down the schools, and my income stream. I’m sitting at home with no work, no money coming in, no money left in the bank, and now the global digital currency and commodity markets are crashing. My savings are evaporating into moon dust.
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So I won’t be writing more sunny seaside holiday posts today, with all this fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). The country is going through a shutdown. The planet is going through a shutdown, my brain and creative inspiration... Well not shut down just yet. Here we are writing the good write, write on, write the wrongs, sing my songs, yes I will.

No work for months now. Maybe two weeks so far this year, which is 10 weeks old. Two weeks income out of ten. And zero work in the next 10 weeks lined up. Well the cash is down to one month’s rent left, and then it’s the end. I am an endangered species. The last of the great white human species in black Africa. The perfect storm of collapsed economy and pandemic is, of course, a global concern, so you may be feeling it too, wherever you are. Probably none of us have ever experienced this in our lifetimes.

Massive collapse has already occurred here in South Africa as electricity cuts increase from 4 to 6 hours a day without power, on some days. It’s sporadic, and the powers that be may inform us...on the day. So you never know from day to day what your power limitations will be. You know it will be in two hour power cuts, at scheduled times, but you can’t be sure so you wait to see if the power will go off on the hour determined, or not.

And I can live with the power cuts, more than the rest who have a business to run – those who still have work or an income. But the approach of the virus is out of my hands. I can wash them and am fit now, but anything is possible it seems with the most virulent virus of our lifetimes. And the approach of the global Great Depression of the century is also out of our hands. It is here and it is already upon us. My work which has been fine for 12 years is over. I am feeling the Great Depression here and now. Even if I don’t get the virus, I have contracted the economic fallout.

Anyway, this is just a report from the southern tip of Africa, on how the global crises are affecting me here. How is it is your part of the world? Schools also shut down? Business shut down? Money run out? No one has the virus in my town as far as I know. That will be the next wave of crisis. Let’s see how long it takes.


It's all pretty grim, especially from a financial situation; The impact on businesses and general public I mean. The government here just announced assistance for the airlines here (Australia) as they are flying ghost ships at the moment with very few people in the air. The government want to keep them going as they'll be needed when it's all done and dusted...Financial stimulus packages for small and medium-sized businesses as they are closed, or not being used...People locked down, events cancelled...Supermarkets cleaned out...

You know, I wonder if there's been a bit of an over-reaction which has resulted in some of the financial pain...And the pain that is sure to come in the future.

Time will tell I guess.

A good post cobber, I sent it to @curangel for you.

Be well.

Yes this sounds serious, thanks for the news from Australia. It's good to hear how things are on the ground.

Very Sad, God will bless on all of us..

The virus is the shoehorn in for major one world governance in my opinion.

It would be better ( for us, the normal people), to carry on regardless, and at least keep an economy going.
There will be 1000 deaths - through lack of any economy- for every one corona virus victim.
Just what the powers that be want. A servile population paralyzed in fear of a 'pandemic'.
The best of luck!

Thanks for the feedback, yes the economic collapse was inevitable and this virus was possibly the false flag attack by the elite to implement the next chapter in our servile history under our criminal slave masters at the money printing press.

We just got one case reported and people are now panicked. Everything was business as usual before that, so as long as no one has the virus, everything will be good.

I'm sorry to hear these crisis is having such an effect on you! You do seem pretty resilient and adaptive for weathering this storm!
I do value our friendship here and enjoy reading and watching your posts.
Will you still have internet connection?
Do take care and we will see you once the storm passes or perhaps some bits before that!
They shut down the schools whee I work part time but we keep our salary and are said to be working from home , on call. So I am happy to be at home tending my indoor garden, writing and waiting for spring!

Hey many thanks for your kind words @porters, personally I'm healthy and well fed this month. But no money left or coming in from work. I'm aiming to sell some of my steem, though will wait until the Hive airdrop tomorrow. The world is imploding under the virus and my steem savings are being manipulated by the new regime.
I use a free wifi hotspot for internet, otherwise I would never have it.
Tomorrow and the day after - 21 March Equinox - could usher in a whole new world for Steem holders and Steemit bloggers like us.

here in denver, colorado usa - things are shutting down - stores are depleted - restaurants limited to takeout - the virus is a false flag for the new world order socialist takeover... I trust God that there will always be a solution outside the box that we can count on... seek where you can be helpful to others and deny the existence of "crisis" - in God's universe all is well - minus the shit the powers have been doing to the environment- but God makes use of this sort of situation - He is always there waiting for you to ask for help and then you have to look for the answers.

here's something that might help...

Thanks for the positive feedback. Let's stay safe until this blows over.