Music and Color: the Conspiracy of the Universe

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Do you remember that spectacular film by Steven Spielberg, entitled 'Encounters in the Third Phase', where not only was speculated on the most famous cases of ships and planes missing in the Bermuda Triangle, but also on what a communication system would be like with extraterrestrials?.


If they are located, they will remember, then, that this did not consist, if not, of a kind of primordial code that combined something so surprisingly wonderful, such as music and color.


You may be surprised, if I continue to say, that in the Middle Ages, not only the great temples but also the immeasurable cathedrals, were totally covered with a colorful polychrome, which could be seen many kilometers away and also, it was claimed that they were models. that reproduced, on earth, very significant parts of the universe, such as the Constellation of Virgo or the Virgin.


And it is even possible to go further in the speculation, affirming, as many researchers did in the past, that the curious and fantastic symbolism reproduced in the capitals of the cloisters of some Romanesque and Gothic monasteries, such as that of Poblet, could be extrapolated in musical notes and therefore, in scores, however, in this case, of eminent religious character that could even have been the keys to the most spectacular of the songs of this style: the Gregorian.


Which induces me to consider the Fine Arts, in addition to being a formidable antidote to laziness, as precursors of a universal language that connects Heaven with Earth, in whose causes and effects that which the great Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho, called as 'the conspiracy of the Universe'.


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