A soft Artwork of a popular Hollywood Actor - The Rock

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Good evening guys 🤗....

I'm here with another artwork of a popular Hollywood Actor, The Rock. I've so much loved him to an extent that I have his full album of his movies on my pc 💻. I was actually checking his profile on net and I got to take a screenshot of on his pictures posted online in order to sketch it. I absolutely used 7b and charcoal pencil for the artwork With the help of grids.


Here is the process
I hope you you would love it. I didn't actually take much time on it.





And Finally
This Is the last step before I gave it a deep shade, obviously shown on my first picture above.


Thanks for taking your good time to check on my work.

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you are always doing good.Excellent photography

Thanks.... I'm grateful🤗🤗🤗🤗

You aren't doing bad in your field either...

Thanks for your best opinion

Wowww! Big congratulations, I Directly recognise him so... You made and are making a good work :)

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Thanks 👍.... I really do appreciate your comments.