Shall we go? Are we staying? What do we do? // My decision.

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Those three questions I've seen on many discordant servers.

Although to some it may seem unbelievable. There are many people who are not aware of everything that happens in the blockchain. They should not be condemned for that! Each person is a world and many authors come to publish and find it difficult to understand everything that happens, perhaps because they don't master certain terms or concepts of how a blockchain works.

For those who are confused and don't know what to do, my recommendation is that they find out enough about what happened with the liar from Asia. Read the publications of our witnesses and make a decision.

Yes! You must be the one to make a decision.

I'm not going to tell you what YOU have to do.

It's you. Only YOU. The responsible and thinking being who must decide what your move will be. Are you going to stay? Are you going to leave? What are you going to do?

I'll just tell you what I'm going to do. After I've followed all the facts and analyzed the situation.

I'll move to Hive!

My stories, opinion articles and film reviews will be published on Hive when it's available, it's just a few days away, we're days away.

After three years of steem learning, it was time to EVOLVE.

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This way I see Hive. A field of sunflowers waiting for us, who will collect the nectar to build a large hive

Changes are difficult. Human beings act and feel comfortable with habits. That's why we have favorite places to eat, favorite movie theater to watch movies, favorite park to go for a walk. That's how we work. We get used to following a routine and when this routine is disturbed, it causes a shock to our brain cells and we can behave in a negative way to change.

At that point we have to stay calm. Try to control your emotions and think with a cold mind.

A new start is not easy. The fear of failure is always lurking. But he who does not risk does not win.

The hostile takeover by a malicious actor who has proven that he only spits out lies. You can't take the word of someone who says something and after five minutes says something totally opposite to what he promised.

I don't like lies. I don't like lies. Like a person who thinks he controls everything centrally says he supports decentralisation? That man is a compulsive liar. I don't believe him!

Just because of that, it wasn't very difficult for me to make a decision.

A Hive is moved by most witnesses and developers who have worked hard on the steem blockchain. They have the experience and the desire to take the new chain to the position it will surely occupy soon within the crypto ecosystem.

Also moving to Hive are most of the communities and content healing projects. Those who support the publications of those authors who make active life within the platform.

Most of the authors and content creators who daily strive to put their writings in a place that allows them to be rewarded.

Do you hear the buzz?


It's the buzz of everyone who moves to THE HIVE.

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It's time to overcome the fear of the new.

I'm just like you.

A little nervous about this trip to a new place. But with a desire to continue writing and publishing my ideas, my thoughts, my dreams...

You're leaving? You're staying? Make your decision and go pack your bags. The change is happening right now.


Changes are difficult.

Although in this case it is made easy because the blockchain is copied and nothing changes when you move to hive, not even the password.
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