While waiting for my paycheck, Photos of a Wall

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While waiting for my paycheck, Photos of a Wall

Hello Dames and Gents,

Walls there are everywhere. Did you ever stop to consider that... Did you ever stop to think "my gosh, just look at all these walls"....vWhy I would be surprised if you weren't sitting somewhere close to a wall, right now while you read this.

yYesterday was no exception to this for myself. Since the new imposed lockdown happened and have not been able to go to the school I teach at to pickup my pay. With the uncertain future of lockdown time ahead of me, I thought its best I do this today.

They sent me to the back gate. This old metal rickety thing. From the crack in the wall a security guard who can not speak any English just pointed a whole bunch and told me to stay, I think where I am, while he went to get somebody.

This dear viewer is when my photos happened. The 15 minute window, from the time this old security guard ambled off, till the time when a lady came with a bunch of money for me... I entertain myself with taking some photos.

With the stage set, the players is in place, let us begin.

First I start to explore the flowers on the bushes. it was like these were two flowers combined into one. my camera unfortunately shifted the color into a more brighter pink, but they were little but more of a deeper red.


Here is a pullback image a little more of the pedals wrapping around each other and little "Fairy Sacks ", or perhaps flower testicles popping out.


this picture I titled "fire and ice", or "metal and flowers"... the very sensual and touch me aspect of the pink flowers combined with the tetanus filled do not touch me at the barbed wire intertwined in a cosmic ballet embrace and push away... who wins? nobody but everybody.


You may recognize this photo from the top banner. but here it is the flowers in their small bushels. And I tell you what is behind them? do you really want to know? well scroll down and check out the next photo to find out.

yes my friends it is the wall. The one that I spoke of in the introduction, it is a wall. A formable wall, a wall made of concrete containing plants.


then to my left, all of a sudden I realize there is also, a street. clouds turbulent above underside of an ocean wave desolate back alley, I stand and wait for money.

lastly lo and behold when I looked down I realize there is ground. I come to realize that ground is like a wall, but beneath you instead of to the sides of you. Pponder on that one for a moment.

Well I hope you enjoyed some of these photos. Shortly after I took that last picture the accountant arrived. Paid me my pay and I was on my way. back to the lovely life of isolation and quarantine with a fist full of bills. BOO YA BITCHES!!!! jk.. it was not that much. :( ....

Hope you all stay safe and sending you love.
Your boy @Jacuzzi


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Thanks for reading my post, you inspire me to keep posting!

Thank you for your support!


Those are beautiful photos my favorite is the third and the one with clouds.
Stay safe and keep well.

@joetunex Thanks my friend for the kind words and the support! iIt is always nice when someone leaves a comment, then I know that they actually took a look. :) 👍

Twitter thing.


Thanks for sharing Mr Jacuzzi! Do you use DarkTable for photo editing? I find it so much better than lightroom -and free!

Thanks for asking! When I shoot on my phone I use snap seed, but DarkTable ... hmm. i will look this up!!

It's a software that was initially developed for Linux, but pretty sure it is cross OS now

NICE! Time to fire up ye old Google and see waht its about.