Photos from the evening time walkabout, Rivers and bread

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Photos from the evening time walkabout, Rivers and bread

Hello dames and gents,

I hope you are all staying safe during these troubling times. Myself, so far I felt lucky to be in Vietnam Where there are low cases of COVID, however that may be changing as recently that an outbreak here in the city and its spreading around the country. Also, lucky us they say it's a new strain that's even more highly contagious.

This however is not with this post is about. I did sneak outside to go for a little walk. (Yes with mask on). Here are a few pictures I took along the river's bank.


  • This is a photo I really cherish (Chair-ish Lolz) but seriously, it looks like a nice chair just hanging out here.


  • The River as seen through a thicket of grass.


  • And for some reason on the sidewalk was just a bunch of coral that someone had dumped out.


  • Fishermen out on the river trying to catch their evening meal.



  • A lot of small steps lead down to the water banks, makes me sad to see people who litter so much on these. Sometimes it's in the form of religion, making offerings and up making a place a mess.


  • These fishing boats continents tucked in for the night. I like to go explore them sometime, However I think I might get in trouble...




  • There were a couple small cafés that were selling sandwitches, so my Ben took advantage of it.


  • Just look at that glowing case of good healthy taste Hmmm so darn good!

I hope you enjoyed some of these photos from my recent walkabout. If you do like them please let me know in the comments or if you don't like them let me know in the comments. :D

Have a great day and truly stay safe my friends!!

Much love


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thanks @haterslines for the kind words!! its feedback and messages that inspire me to keep going!