Journey to a rocky outcropping ocean pool full of mystery and wonder in Vietnam ( Hike To Mui Nghe)

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Mui Nghe or written in Vietnamese as Mũi Nghê is located on the southeast tip of the Son Tra peninsula in Danang Vietnam. This hidden gem is a sketchy hike down from a blocked off entranceway but provides a remarkable natural tide pool and the first rays of light from the rising Sun.

Come with me on this journey as I take you to see this remarkable place.

To get to this hiking location you have to travel to the very end of the peninsula. You also have to have a semi-automatic motorbike or a manual motorbike to get there as the guards will not let you into the peninsula without one. You will see in the image below where the road stops, this is where you need to have the manual or semi-automatic bike to proceed forward or hire a driver in a car.


At the very end of the road, the road stops and your adventure begins.


  • This is literally the end of the road.

This is also where I'm going to insert a bit of a warning.

There was this big sign pictured below.


  • The guide we had with us said don't worry about it, and that it was fine to go hiking here still. lol... However, upon returning the guards had let the air out of our back tires on our bikes, as punishment for disobeying the sign. People the Passive Had Their Bikes Taken Away We Were Told As Well.
  • So be forewarned if you come here do not disrespect the sign, for if you do be prepared to pay the consequences.
  • Lastly, I will note that they put the sign up as several tourists have died in this area or have become lost on the path so they have stopped people from coming here.

The path down the initial hill was very steep.

Sometimes the path was almost fully overgrown as well with vines and roots, we almost got lost as well by taking one wrong turn.

  • Other parts of the path were quite relaxing however with a nice jungle stroll.


  • You eventually break free of the jungle and emerge see the ocean horizon.

  • There are some more rocky cliffs to scale down before reaching the water.

  • but eventually, we turned the bend and saw our destination

  • nestled in the shadow of this lion rock was a little title pool, everyday freshwater would come in washout the previous day's pool. Swimming here was quite relaxing and delightful.

  • splashing around having some fun

  • I also managed to get a picture of my friends on top of the rock. this was a very fun group people!

I also took smaller photos of the area..

like these rocks because well they rock!


-We also spent time gathering up floating plastic that we found here and carried it out with us


Then more people start showing up and it was our cue to head back to the bikes.

The hike back up was sort of uneventful, but it was nice to work the legs get the stress of going up the big hill.


We got back to the bikes that is when I noticed that my back tire was flat.


One of the guides up the road said that the security guards will come and let the air out your tire if you break the rules.

Not too sure what else to do or who to call I decided to drive for a bit on the flat tire And try to find assistance... This was a mistake I discovered about a mile down the road when this happened.


lol. So I started to push my bike and eventually a local Vietnamese person took pity on me, told me to stop and they called a mechanic to come help.

So I sat next to these monkey statues and waited...

and I enjoyed a nice view...

Eventually, the mechanic came and fixed my tire. I drove back to my house to have a coconut juice and a nap.

All in all a very exciting day.

Lessons were learned, and memories were made.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this article and you may consider doing an adventure yourself one day to a forbidden hiking place... but don't do it. ;)


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Funny how this is there, because from center Danang you can only see a green point, but not realising all of these cliffs were there actually. Cool pics and daaaaaamn I want to go back here (I read somewhere that the city is being evacuated as we speak due to covid???)

Nope, guess I lied to you..


Just found out about this... so, yea.. perhaps I am getting kicked out..

Hmmmmm keep us posted here on how that works out. Im curious how a whole city evacuation goes. Stay safe!

I spent the last little bit talking to some local people and following up with the news on this.

It is not a whole citywide evacuation. No.

With Vietnam having low cases a lot of local tourism picked up. Vietnamese were taking advantage of the cheap flights to fly to destinations within the country. Danang is one of them.

However, with the recent uptick in new cases, the government has asked the tourists to go back home. In this case, it's roughly about 80 K Taurus.

so the flights out will be for Vietnamese tourists that have come to Danang on holiday. Or at least that is how I understand it to be.

Myself being an ex-pat living here on a tourist visa will not necessarily be affected by this at this time.

The city is not being evacuated but there were a couple of new cases of COVID that has recently broken out. So once there was no lockdown, now there is some lockdown. The reason being a few Chinese immigrants entered illegally and did not go through the quarantine process. they start working illegally here and infected a few local Vietnamese people. However, the Vietnamese government is on the case and I think most of it is contained now. we are underneath a two-week lockdown currently to confirm there are no new cases. :)

I would definitely put this in my bucket list of places I'll visit. Hoping this pandemic will be over soon.

I hear you is my friend. I see photos of other places around the world ... I'm getting anxious to do some more traveling. :D

Damn, I am reading it and looking at the location from my window... and thinking how impossible is to get there now , manual or semi...
However, what I noticed is after 7:30pm beach guards are almost absent ;)

you might not want to go there at night... The walk down that path is quite treacherous and is a chance the guards may steel your bike at night!

Oh wow, what a great place! I particularly loved the part from the forest, with all of those roots, looked more like a jungle! Thanks for sharing!

❤️❤️❤️@creativemary my pleasure. so happy that you enjoyed it!


I hope you took advantage of the secrecy of this beach to do a naked tan hehe

No secrecy Needed I just go to my roof!

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