Helping to distribute food to those in need in Danang

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Helping to distribute food to those in need in Danang

I sure I want to make this post. But after talking with a friend they told me a few different ideas about why I should.

Today I volunteered to help out a local community group to distribute food to people in need here in Danang Vietnam. I wasn't doing this for the bragging rights, or to say hey look at me I'm a good person, and so I didn't want to make a post about it. No, I wanted to do this as I want to give back, I like helping people and lately I've been feeling like I have been taking a lot, while not giving back.

However, after talking with a friend, they reminded me that sometimes others need an inspiration. They need to see other people doing good things to be inspired to go do good things as well. Like if five of your friends said try this brand of potato chips, and you were hungry in the store one day, you would have a higher chance of trying that particular brand potato chips. Not that I'm comparing this to potato chips... But I hope you get the analogy.

I will post a few photos from the day and inspire you to hopefully go out and do something good as well. :)

The day started at 9:30 AM when I arrived at the restaurant that the packing was happening at.

Each bag packed was filled with a Gourd, 2 purple eggplants, a bag of rice (5 cups (1.18 l)), fish sauce, and some instant noodles.

This is not mean the photo but this is one of the 2 cars packed and ready to go!


We drove to a local apartment complex where a lot of lower income families lived.


Here's me in this photo handing out a bag to a nice lady.


The food wasn't just handed out to anybody. People had to register ahead of time and then someone went to the house to inspect make sure that they were actually in need.

They were then called ahead of time to meet us downstairs and have their phone number ready to verify it was them. This way Food went directly to those people most in need.


Some people couldn't make it to pick up their bag, so we went to their apartment and delivered it.


And one occasion they couldn't get out of bed, so we left it for them.


At the end of the day, 43 bags were delivered in our car, another 43 delivered in another car, about 20 more given out individually on motorbikes.


The cost was about 12 million VND ($515 USD) / 100 ish bags, so about 120,000 VND per bag or $5.15 per bag.

This may seem like a very low calorie diet to some people. This food is enough for these people to live on at least for a couple of days if not a week.

It is a way to alleviate stress in just a few people's lives. However, the majority of these people have this as their reality every day. The struggle is real, and while we may think that our lives are rough, there are vast majorities of people whose lives are much more difficult than ours.

I encourage you to get out and donate your time to at least one cause a week. Go check in and say hi, help somebody and get back.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are inspired to go lend a hand as well.





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Thanks for reading my post, you inspire me to keep posting!

Thank you for your support!


Thanks for your contribute to our local. WE appreciate it 😉

Thanks @trangbaby for the inspiration. :) Come back soon.

Nice initiative

Thank you for the kind words @marc-allaria . Lets all do something good each week!

This is nice of you to help your community bro!

@joetunex, thanks man. We got to live the way we would like to world to be right? :)

Absolutely, a better world begins with us making an effort.

A noble act. Respect for you, brother. Thank you for bringing more inspiration and spreading this kindness to others.

Thank you for the kind words @torum . We are keepers of the future we want to have, so we best do the right thing. :)

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