All my art sold out on @nftshowroom and my cats are happy about it!

in hive-174578 •  4 days ago 

All the art I tokenized on @nftshowroom has sold out except for 1 edition!

Thank you @eturnerx, @aggroed, @janusface .... and The Husband!

I am happy and honored that some people liked my work enough to buy it and also relist some at higher values.

I've never sold any art before so this has been a lovely experience.

It also made my cats very happy as well.

Thank you!


I listed 3 editions of this piece and there's only 1 left!

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How good isaria I am very happy for you ... Congratulations ..!
You always do a great job ...

Thank you!

Congrats!!! :D

Thanks! ❤️


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