FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY | Homemade Avocado Salad

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I've been on a avocado searching & buying spree the last 1 week since I realised just how Vietnamese Avocado actually looks. It's the right season of the year and most avocados are harvested in Da Lat, south of Vietnam. Since export is close to impossible during these last few months, fruits and vegetables that is locally produced have been rather affordable.

If you have checked my last 2 post on #MarketFriday, you would've seen the different shapes of avocados that is available in both local wet market and supermarkets. For that you can read more on HERE#1 and HERE#2.


Today, I wanted to share with you the insides of the Vietnamese Avocado; if it looked like the ones back home. Because of its shape is slightly more oval, the seeds are also pretty much the same. The color of the flesh is similar and since I'd prefer ripped avocados; I always wait till it's a bit soft before cutting it open. This is my first avocado in Vietnam and I'm loving it. Avocados are a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and potassium. They also provide lutein, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Isn't this a beautiful sight

Since, I didn't have any honey in the fridge, I decided to eat one half on it's own and mix the second half with my salad. A perfect way to enjoy this fruit and be healthy at the same time. I cannot be more proud of myself for making the effort to eat well and ensure that my body has the vitamins it requires. While the season of avocado is still ongoing, I'd best to eat as much as possible before the price starts to go up again.

Oh yes, today I was at the local market and I bought two more ripe avocados; this is on top of the three that I bought yesterday. It's like Eat All You Can. 😆

I scooped out half of the avocado for my salad

And my perfectly healthy Avocado Salad

I'll definitely share more in my next post. Hope you enjoy my photo taken from my Huawei


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So strange, I posted a totally different use of Avocados in our latest post:)

Lovely use of them that you have here!

Thanks. An easy and healthy way to enjoy this fruit.
I just had one for dessert 30 mins ago :)

Great that you have them as they are very healthy.
Take care my friend!

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Hey @ireenchew how much is an avocado nowadays? what is a good price and how do you select a good one?

It's about VND25,000 (MYR4.59) for 1 kg and for that I can have 2 large avocados.
The slightly better ones is about VND40,000 (MYR7.34) for 1 kg.
I usually select those that the outer skin is dark green in color and hard so that it gives it a few days to ripe before I enjoy it. But, if I intend to eat it immediately, I'll get those already slightly soft.

Absolutely healthy and full of vitamins

It looks delicious, I love avocado very much.

Oh yes, me too especially when it is in season

What a sight indeed! Heavenly. I love avocados. I try not to go overboard and buy a lot of them since we usually have to get them from the other side of the country or Mexico, but there's nothing quite like a perfectly ripe avocado! Enjoy!

I know what you mean. Because it's so affordable, I tend to overbuy as well.
The most I've bought is 3 each time.
Then because I work very long hours, I don't get to eat it fast enough

It looks delicious, I eat avocado 5 times a week, they are so divine in salads.

5 times a week.. that's really a lot !!!