Saw Jyväskylä and ate in Green Egg

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Saw polar bears and left.

Except this is a moose. Or an elk. Or a deer. Well, so you say. Polar bears just look little different here. This is the summer look. Hollow, non white look.


@eveuncovered, @celestal, @rrusina and @gamer00 who joined us later were all the kind polar bears that one would gladly like to spend time with more than just few hours. And the kind that embraced gladly the fact that now no-one needed to make any excuses to avoid hugging or being too close. I think it worked out pretty fine us being in different tables and actually, if I remember correctly, I think we were in different restaurants at the same time and just shouted to each other. A road between us.

"Hi! How's the food there!"
"What have you been up to lately?!"
"Oh, travelling? Abroad? Now you surely are pulling my leg!"
"Should we take some desert too?!"
"What's in the menu of your restaurant?!"
"Sounds good?! Wanna switch places because I want what you're having but we can't be at the same restaurant or the same table at the same time?!"

So that's pretty much how your meet went.

I have no idea who's legs those are on the photo above.

And I have no idea who are those people sitting with me on the photo below. But what is important is that my portion seems to be the biggest and that really is the most important thing. That I get fed and that there's plenty to eat.


By the way, I have to recommend the restaurant Green Egg. The dish that I ordered was really, really, really good. Though there was no green egg so that was a bit dissapointing, but perhaps the restaurants name was just a name they wanted to continue with after realizing that it might not be a good idea to cook every meal from green eggs. Especially when there are no naturally green eggs anywhere laying around. And if there where, people would be really suspicious about them. And it would be really difficult for the restaurant to try to lure in innocent customers by saying: "Come and taste our delicious green egg!"

It sounds way more funnier in Finnish.

As egg = muna, also means a dick.

Now that you know this, think about the centence: "Come and taste our green egg!" again.


Now you can stop thinking.

Wouldn't it be funny if every word you say would always have a double meaning? A dirty double meaning. You could never say anything without sounding terrible or suspicious or a pervert. Or a terrible sucpicious pervert. That would really level the situation. As everyone would always sound a pervert, not just perverts or those who always think everything people say has a double meaning.

"Oh so you are in a train! In a train! You know! A TRAIN!"



I'm sorry we were all native Finnish speakers and you couldn't introduce yourself the way you wanted: "Hi, I'm Insane..." but I hope the nice day made up for it.

I recognise at least one pair of legsies in the photo, thanks for capture my best assets!


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You're welcome! It's aaaaaaalll about the legs. :)
But I did have a chance to say my line because of @celestal. But yes, really nice day it was and good company. :)

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Nice post and photos.
Hmmm... green eggs. 😋 That reminds me of my university days. 😄

Thanks. :) I'm sure the green eggs tasted like normal eggs but it's still pretty suspicious.