It's that short movie time of the year again

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Today December 21nd is the shortest day of the year. The has risen here in Tampere, Finland at 9:43 and sets at 15:01. From now on the day will only get longer. To celebrate this, here's my short movie (this year only animations) list for this year.

First one! We should all remember that some day, someone or something will replace us all. Something new, better and updated.

Let's continue with the monster theme.

And now that we know how things are in constant repetition, let's hope the cycle never ends.

That one is actually one part of a whole short film series and works on it's own pretty well. But if you want to know the full story, check out the whole series starting from the beginning.

Black and white with a little bit of red.

I sure do like dark and grim stories. So here's another one.

Speaking of grimminess. This truly is that! Grim.

How cruel, how cruel!

Now I just have to end things and what better way to do that than with a happy ending. Steve Cutts is absolutely one of my favourite artist so this is a good last animation.

For now at least.

But this is not all! Come back again when the sun has set here in Finland and I'll throw you another set of neat, great and awesome animations.

More animations and short films:


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