Counting on more swings with Bitcoin

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So Bitcoin is rising again. Or has risen.

Really exiting!

Read that third sentence with the lowest voice you can make because that balances the first sentence where I say that I've noticed it rising and the third sentence where I indicate that I want it to do that but because I don't want Bitcoin to know that I'm pleased that it's moving up, that third sentence has to be said the way I told you to because I'm convinced that Bitcoin can't hear low voices.

Does it seem like I have no idea what I'm doing?


Anyway, I'm happy that Bitcoin is (hopefully) again moving somewhere, up or down, doesn't matter to me because if it's still, or just swinging up or down few hundred Euros or Dollars which in my opinion is really boring and still life considering it's Bitcoin were talking about. So it needs to move somewhere in order for me to utilize it's mood swings.

Only thing I can be sure of is that Bitcoin will go up and then again down and up and down and up and down. And that's what I'm counting on.

Buy low, sell high.

And somewhere there's also HODL. In the middle and do not sell everything you got.


I used the term HODL.

At least my financial advice is more understandable than that scribble I've captured with my camera. The thoughts around my advice might not be, more like witchcraft or twaddlings of an insane person, but who really cares about the means if the result is good and successful? ....aaaaaaand no-one gets hurt.

Do take this as an incentive to dance to the tune of dark overlords if it helps you to become a better trader and if you only use fake blood. I hear beetroot juice is nicely red and tarnishes just as much as real blood. Or red wine if the idea is to drink "blood" to get better results and become rich. After all, every bit of luck is needed and you never know what helps!

Of course we all have limits that we're not willing to cross, at least without a hundred and ten present guarantee that it helps and a large sum of money before that something is done, but lets not talk about that now. We all have our breaking points and dislikes that we like to keep as far away as possible.

But dark overlords sound fun so why not!

Just scribble your name on to the paper they offer you already! You don't need to read it, just use beetroot juice and you'll get all the benefits without actually promising anything to them.


If I had to guess what the text says in the photo above, and I do have to because that's what I'm here for, giving useless explanations to stuff that no-one even cares about, then I'd say that it's written by someone that desperately needs the price of Bitcoin to go up, so it says:

Take on"

Meaning that bitcoin should move to the direction that the arrow points.

It also could say: "Beer xano" meaning that there's a can of beer under the seat, but I think my first guess is more accurate.

Ending with wise words.

Think of something...

Buy low, sell high could be shortened to: "Blow sligh!"

Blow sligh everyone, blow sligh!

Yes. Nailed it!


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