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RE: Wild goats in Rila mountain

in OCD4 months ago

Good question @velinov86

There is a kind of an option to upload multiple videos at the same time.

But you have to prepare you self few hours early.
For example you can upload the videos 1 by 1 but to use the option “schedule video for a later date” and just put the for example 2-5 hours later by the time of upload.


I’ll recommend take at least 2/3 hours early before the time you want them uploaded Because the system has its own hours that automatically upload the videos in this hour.

Let’s say you want your video uploaded at 2:00 pm but you upload your videos to the platform at 1:45pm them they may not be already encoded by that time.

Once you try it you’ll get it I hope you got my point.



Sounds great! But wouldn't that generate 1 post per video upload? So I will upload 3 videos which will generate and post on my wall 3 different posts. I want 1 post with 3 videos inside.

Yes will generate 3 posts correct ;)
I don’t think is possible for what you want yet...